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Brain saver, Space saver

Always am I grabbing stuff from the web and saving it as either a webarchive or a bookmark,. Ha that adds up soooo fast and gets lost EVEN with spotlight. A great way to actually learn from these tutorials or lessons of design or what not is to print them :D

Aw but print is expenssive. True. But if you make booklets from them the cost goes WAY down, though it gets a little small ya can still read it ..

Use Coca Booklet

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Cross browser testing

SiteVista ScreenshotCross browser testing and debugging can be the most frustrating exercise for web designers.

Debugging is a headache, but good practices can help you deal with the issue and no, I'm not going to say that you should build table based sites.

The first practice is to discuss the issue of cross browser compatibility with client as early as possible. Get an agreement on which browsers do you guarantee that the site will match the approved layouts and make it clear that the rest of the browsers may not look perfect.

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CB Widget Pageant 2005

With the advent of OS X 10.4, people have been introduced to the concept of widgets as an extra layer of GUI goodness on top of the normal OS. Freed from the Aqua design constraints, these widgets are allowing people to alter the interface to fit the purpose and style of the widget. From the ridiculous (we're looking at you Dancing Homer) to the utterly useful (WidgetMail) there seems to be a growing momentum to build new funsize applications which do increasingly cool things in new ways.

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Arabic calligraphy

In a previous post someone well spoted that I was playing with "Arabic" numbers, which are in fact Indian numbers (the circle means 5 and the dots are zeros.) It's the Westeners who use Arabic numbers such as: 1,2,3.

Arabic calligraphy

I'm fascinated by the look of the Arabic script. It's out of this world. If Spielberg would have invented a writing for a new planet it may have been similar in looks to the Arabic script.

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Moving to PHP5

With the kind help of our member and Drupal guru kbahey we've completed the move of creativebits to PHP5. Although Dreamhost recently introduced PHP5 as an optional engine we decided to compile our own PHP. This was done in order to avoid some small glitches we were experiencing before and to lay out the foundation for some future developments.

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Finder window corner icon

If you ever wondered what those little icons meant in bottom left corner of the Finder window here is the answer.

Finder window corner icons

They tell you if the Snap to grid option is turned on or off. The 4 tiny folders (right) mean it's off and the grid (left) means it's on.

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Font Management: Apple Font Book

The following is the second installment of a 3-part series on font management applications. Part one covered FontAgent Pro from Insider Software.

Apple graciously provided some form of font management in OSX with Font Book. Alec Fromm, a Canadian designer and small business owner, offered to post his findings and experience using Font Book in a professional environment.

Read the rest of the story here.

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One Computer to Rule them all...

The world has been going through a bit of a bumpy patch in the past few years. Old orders are being shaken up and new situations are making old enemies into uneasy allies.The computer world has been experiencing it's own upheavals though nothing that would get CNN into a lather.

Apple's news that they were switching to Intel chips has been dissected in huge detail, with much handwringing and predictions of gloom. Maybe the doomsayers are right but while they furiously shake their magic 8-balls, we can speculate on the implications for the power user. Since Macs now run on the most used chip architecture for desktop operating systems , there is quite a profound new possibility with these new machines.

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Enable 'ls' Colors in Tiger

Termincal Colors Image
Ever use a Linux or non-Mac UNIX machine and notice the fancy colors different file names have when using the ls command in the terminal?

Well now you can have the very same thing in Tiger's terminal :-)


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