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What's your back-up strategy?

Even if one takes precautions to be warned before the HD fails there is still a serious chance to lose all data because of a sudden power surge, lightning or even worse the computer being stolen, so I reckon it's important to have a proper backup strategy in place. Unless you can afford to redo all your work there has to be a plan B.

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Poke my precious and die

Don't you just love it when account executives start pointing at your screen with their greasy fingers leaving shiny fingerprints?

These guys should understand that this is not just a monitor they are poking at. It's the window we're looking through 90% of our work time. If it's dirty we can't see the details, we would have to zoom in and out all the time. We would have to double check the shades of colors to see if it is just dirt on the screen or if it is in fact there digitally. It drives us crazy.

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Pick up a font style

Once you carefully crafted a particular font style in Illustrator with a certain color, size, font, stroke, effect, etc. you wouldn't want to go through all these settings once again if you need to use the same style for another text element in your design.

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That throws some light on the question

I often wondered how is it possible that so many times clients prefer not to use metaphorical ads for their communication. As marketing professionals they must know their clients, so I trust them when they say that many customers will not understand such ads. I really find joy in solving these clever ads and can't understand how is it possible that clever people might not get them. It seems I may have found the answer reading the New Scientist.

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Fire Up - A Community Project

As professionals using the computer to earn a wage, every second shaved off a task helps the productivity of the user. FTP is one of those areas which can still be clunky for those who send files backwards and forwards between folders, even if they do exist on a remote server. I'm soliciting some feedback and help from members of the creativebits community about an idea for an FTP application.

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Folder Action script image conversion

Wouldn't it be good to have a jpeg or tif of your screenshots, rather than a pdf? With Folder action Applescripts you can. If you follow the simple instructions you will be able to choose between converting to tif, jpg or keeping the pdf.

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What to listen while working?

 Dehli 9Music is probably one of the most inspirational things in life. Pay attention to what motivates you and make sure you feed yourself with the right tunes. As they say there is good music for every occasion. So, what's good music to support your work? I can create three categories for the kind of music I listen to while working:

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Welcome back!

Hello my friends!

First things first. If you had a membership in the old forum, you don't need to re-register. Your old forum memberships and all messages were transferred over to the new site. However, for security reasons you will need to request for a password reset. If you have any problems, please contact me on

Sorry for the downtime. We worked hard day and night on bringing you the new creativebits. It was not easy to convert the based blog and the phpbb based forum into Drupal. A brand new conversion code had to be written by Tim. But it's worth it. Drupal is one of the best content management systems available with clean code and a great future. This site is still a beta, so please do comment if you find any glitch.

Here is a list of what's new in order of importance:
1. We have our own domain and reliable Dreamhost server.

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Lightbox ranking

PhotoShop CS has an excellent file browser built into the application. You can access it from the File menu or by pressing Apple(Cmd)-Shift-O. It can do all a regular functions Finder does and much more. Many don't realize that you can actually delete/rename and move images, create/delete folders, etc. in this mini application with the benefit of having really big preview icons for your images to help your navigation.

But don't you miss the old times, when you could mark the transparencies on your lightbox and easily arrange them for a selection?


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