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Have your cake and eat it

Here are 23 quick tips on how to survive in an agency without actually doing much work.


1. When surfing your favorite blogs, always have a work document open in the background and keep your thumb on the Command (or CTRL on Windblows) and your pinky over the TAB keys.

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Clever idea for unusual media

When I approached my car I muffled a semi angry sh!t before picking up the parking ticket, which was stuck as usual on the drivers side window. I checked to see how much I was fined. It said: "Speed limit 250km/h!" What?

Parking ticket flyer

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Quick layer effect duplication

Duplicate layer effectWe already talked about how to copy sets of layer effects from one layer to several other layers.

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Russell Brown PS tutorials

If you got broadband, go get these videos of advanced PhotoShop tutorials.

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Cool Site: Cool to the Core


Core's Web site is currently under construction, but you can visit the gallery page for a look at some very cool work. Just move & click all over the page.

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Google's adlinks

Shortly after the introduction of Google sitesearch, just recently Ad Links were introduced as a new form of text advertising. Using the same contextual targeting algorithm that targets Google ads to the content pages, Ad Links units display a list of topics that are theoretically relevant to the page. Each topic, when clicked, brings the user to a page of related advertisements.

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Switch horizontal and vertical guides

We've talked about how to make guides snap. Here is another quick bit to remember about guides. When you drag a guide and want to change it from horizontal to vertical or vice versa you can press the Option key (Windows= Start/Alt Option) to alternate between them.

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Text Frame Options

InDesign Text Frame Options preview

To access more Options for text frames in Adobe InDesign, you can hit Command + B. But a faster way that allows you to keep one hand on the mouse is to simply hold down the Option key while double-clicking the text frame with either the Selection tool or the Direct Select tool.

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Faux Photoshop merged layers

Layer sets are fantastic. They help you organize all your Photoshop layers into folders, somewhat like you would on the desktop.

The problem arrises when you want to apply filters, or distort in some way the ENTIRE LAYER SET. Usually, you select Merge Layer Set from the drop down arrow in the layers palette – which is fine, except then you lose all the layers, forcing you to visit the history palette if you don't like the results, or if you have to make further tweaks later.

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What are those .DS_Store files?

If you copy a folder under OS X to a disk and then open it in Mac OS 9, Windows or Linux you will see the disk full of .DS_Store files. What are those invisible (under OS X) .DS_Store files?


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