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Speeding up Adobe InDesign CS

InDesign Display Prefs MenuInDesign offers a lot of features for graphic designers, many of which are completely missing from Quark XPress. One of those features is ACCURATE high resolution graphic display of images in your documents. Unfortunately, the more graphics you add, the slower InDesign becomes to work in. One easy way to put a little kick back into ID is to adjust the display prefs of the document you're working in.

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Choose web smart colors

4096 Color WheelWhen you design web sites, you need to be careful to choose web smart colors. Here is a good explanation from the 4096 Color Wheel site about what web smart colors are:

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Dock icon menus

Dock application menuDid you know that if you click and hold (or CTRL-Click) an application icon in the dock it brings up a menu that gives you the basic most frequently used functions of that particular application? For example iTunes gives you the functions of a simple remote. Suitcase enables you to open font sets. System preferences gives you all of its sections in alphabetical order.

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Beware of the megapixel hype

It seems to me that for many people the most important characteristic when buying a digital camera is how many megapixels it can do. The bigger however is not necessarily better in this case. :)

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Introducing our new blog author

Some may have noticed that the latest tip in the blog has been posted by Jim, alias MacGizmo. An old friend of mine from Phoenix, Arizona. He's extremely well informed and experienced graphic designer. He also used to work for a Mac magazine as a journalist. He was kind enough to agree to join me in the efforts to enchance the CB blog, so you should be reading his tips from now on as well.

Welcome Jim!

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Tired of horrible EPS previews in Quark

If you still haven't experienced the joys of Adobe InDesign, and you frequently find yourself swearing at Quark XPress for providing you with a perfectly useless preview image of your placed Photoshop EPS file (duotone files require the use of EPS), then this is for you!

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Application switcher hidden features

Most users know the basic function of Apple-Tab (Cmd-Tab) as to switch between applications. However there are some features of this basic application that might not be as obvious.

Here is the list of special features that can be activated by pressing the following keys while holding the Apple (Cmd):

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Master all the combos

Ever wonder if it's worth learning all the shortcuts that each application offers? Apparently it is.

I did a test to see how much time one gains using key combos, rather than navigating and pointing to menus with the cursor. I timed three versions of a certain set of operation that required moving between applications, opening and saving files and menu operations such as copying, pasting, filters, duplication, etc.

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Nutri-Washing the BigMac

I think McDonald's is an amazing company. They should get the one million dollars for surviving everything that the self conscious new age society has thrown at it for the last 10 years.

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Replace your dock poof

Explosion poofIf you're sick of the cartoon like animation when you drag out an item from your dock you can replace it. Choose and download any animation that fits your taste.


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