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Firefox is not a fox

It's a Chinese name for a Panda.

It looks like Mozilla's Firefox will reach one million downloads within two weeks. Currently 58% of the visitors to this site is using Safari, 20% IE and 1% OmniWeb. Firefox has grown from 12% to 17% in the last three month.

Red panda, lesser panda
Ailurus fulgens

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A9 is the Google Pro is Amazon's addictive web search engine that is based on Google. It gives you the same results, but does it in style. While Google is focused on giving you the results in the most compact code, A9 is well customizable and has many user specific features.

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Ivan will teach you a lesson

Hurricane Ivan that is. This natural disaster besides reminding us how uncertain life is, also reminds us about the most important theory of graphic design.

Fibonacci in 1202 came up with a series of numbers, which lead to the famous Phi number and the golden mean. Understanding this theory gives the designer godlike powers. Ok, not really, but it will help you understand the underlying principles of nature and beauty.

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Best mouse for designers

World's first laser sensor gives 20 times more precision and works virtually on any surface. Rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery is cost efficient, lighter and lasts longer. Gives you wireless freedom, but unfortunately it's not based on bluetooth technology.

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Layer mask quick edit

Alt-click (option-click) on the layer mask thumbnail right next to the layer thumbnail in the layer palette to show and edit the layer mask. You can use all the tools and filters to edit your mask and once you're done, the same simple option-click will revert to normal view.

Thanks to kirk for the tip.

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Create a neon sign

There are many ways to create a neon sign, but I can guarantee that this is the fastest and simplest one.

Choose a bold font and type up your sign. Fill it with black on black background. At this point your sign is off. :)

Let's switch it on. Click the first icon from the left on the bottom of the Layers palette to add a layer style. Choose Stroke and follow the settings below. Make sure you choose a big number for the Size, such as 35. Select Position: Center. Fill Type: Gradient. Style: Shape Burst.

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Learn from eye tracking

I came across a very interesting research which will help web designers tremendously to make the most out of the content with design. Here are the learnings in a nutshell:

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Accidental creativity

Sometimes a creative idea hits you when you least expect it. The other day I wanted to try out the ink-jet iron-on transfer for t-shirts, so I sat down to think of a cool design. I like to use books with pictures as inspiration, so I took a book about modern art to see if I get an idea. I opened up the book on Joseph Kossuth's frames. It's a conceptual piece of art. His art piece consists of three objects besides each other.

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A tribute to logos

Some great logos are not in use anymore. Logo R.I.P. is project that pays tribute to discontinued logos.

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Preview your Shadows and Highlights

When working with the levels dialog box Alt-click (option-click) on the highlight triangle and it reveals the pixels affected by moving the highlight triangle. Same thing applies to the black/low key triangle.

This is very useful when correcting levels, because sometimes the amounts of certain colors are so low they barely show up on the graph, but they might be important parts of your image.

Thanks Kirk for the tip.


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