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No such thing as bad publicity

One would think the leaked Paris Hilton sex video would destroy the woman's life, maybe even effect the business of daddy's hotel chain. No way! I have to admit I had no idea who she was before her scandal. Maybe heard the name, but it didn't register. Now, she's got her own collection on Amazon. BTW, I have to give credit to Amazon, they didn't overdo the retouching, just look at that dirty foot.

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Dock vs. PS Feather shortcut

Longlife asked in the forum if there is a way to disable OS X Apple-Alt-D (Command-Option-D) shortcut that hides and shows the dock, because it is interfering with the PhotoShop Feather command shortcut. I'm sure many PS fans miss that frequent key combo, so here is how to restore it.

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Transform duplicate

I've a big fan of the Photoshopsupport blog and the other day I saw this great time saving tip.

If you need to transform a duplicate of your layer or selection just press Apple-Alt-T (Command-Option-T). Alternatively you can press Apple-J and than Apple-T.

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Password protected disk image

Ever had to password protect some files and folders on your computer but didn't feel like switching on FileVault? You can create a disk image that's protected with the same level of 128bit security.

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Sexy sweet packaging

A Catholic college complained about Haribo's new Maoam packaging, because apparently the fruits are shown in offending sexual positions.

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Create water droplets

To create water droplets you can use PS's very effective layer blending options. Pick the black color and with a sharp edged brush drop several simple circle shaped dots of different sizes on a layer. Use the key combos "[" and "]" for changing the size of the brush dynamically. Select the Filter/Distort/Wave menu and use similar values for the filter as in the illustration below to distort the little black dots to make their shape more natural.

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Placing artwork on uneven surfaces

You want to place an artwork on a t-shirt, so that it looks believable? To create the necessary distortions you can either use Liquify or Displace. Liquify gives you total control, but it's painfully slow and needs a lot of work. The good thing about Displace is that it does the job for you almost automatically.

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HP iPod campaign

I think the idea for an HP branded iPod is great. Apple lost many potential cutomers, because some PC users were afraid to buy an Apple product. They were worried it might not be fully compatible with their PCs, which is a common misbelief with all Apple products. Now that the HP brand is available, finally even these PC users will be confident to go for the iPod. Also, HP's distribution network will help to sell even more iPods, which is great for Apple and HP.

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Bright future with Google

I'm a big fan of Google. I think the possibilities of organizing and restructuring all the information the human race has ever created with a powerful network of computers is within reach. We are just starting to understand and explore the ways we can tap into this goldmine. Google is doing a great job and their pioneer projects excite me.

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Software piracy warning!

I fully support legal software. If everybody would buy all their software, the prices would be much lower, since software companies would be able to afford to give them cheaper. Also, we need to support smaller companies to encourage them to develop their apps. But, I know that reality doesn't reflect my wish, especially in the developing world.


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