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CreativeBits Widget

If you have Konfabulator great! If not, download it, it's a great eye candy. There are hundreds of little useful and less useful little Widgets available.

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Dropbox / Fax new item notification

Do you ever want to be notified when someone drops a file in your Dropbox or when you receive a fax? Here is what you need to do.

Find the AppleScript folder in your Applications folder and run the script called Install Script Menu. This will put a little Applescript icon in your menu bar for easy access. Click the new Applescript icon in the menu bar and navigate to Folder Actions/Attach Script to Folder.

In the little window that pops-up, select add - new item alert.scpt and select your Dropbox.

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Tiger Dashboard

Tiger is far from being released but a site with Gadgets is already out.

Check out The Dashboarder.

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Block web page ads

Warning! Don't use this tip!
It will make your favorite free web sites to shut down or become pay sites.

For testing purposes only download stopADVbanners.css.

To activate select Preferences/Advanced in Safari and set the downloaded file as a style sheet.

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Turning photos from color to stunning black and white

You want to make a grayscale image from a color one, but the black and white image becomes flat and boring? There is a good reason for it. Different colors with the same brightness look similar when converted to grayscale. Look a the color strips of Red, Green, Blue turning into the same exact grey below when using the simple Image/Mode/Grayscale command. Note how the sand and the sky is so similar in color on the image below.

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My subjective Omniweb review

I've been waiting for the omniweb 5 to come out for a long time. I've tried a beta, but it was not stable, however I loved the features.

I've been testing for some time now and I'm still not jumping from joy. It can do all that Safari and Firefox and more. I has features that are actually useful and cool. But, I feel this edition is a bit premature.

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Fast restart or shutdown

Are you tired of Mac OS X asking you if you're sure of what you're doing when shutting down or restarting your machine? Does it remind you of the overprotective Windows? If so, than press Alt (otherwise more known as option) when selecting the command from the apple menu. I noticed this because the three dots disappeared from the menu when pressing Alt. Will see if it avoids the pop-up window with other commands as well.

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Useful Google ads

The google ads, that you can find on almost every site nowadays, including CreativeBits really are useful. The most important positive thing about them is that they are relevant to the subject of the page, because Google matches the theme of the ad to fit the content of the page. Also, Google ads are relevant to the place you're visiting from, because based on your IP address Google can guess your location.

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Easter egg

Today I'll tell you about a feature that's not really useful, but it shows that programmers at Adobe are fun people or have too much time on their hands. You decide.

Alt click the little triangle on the bottom left of your document to get a menu with some extra features. If anyone knows who is Ted let me know, because I've got his phone number. :) Which one is your favourite easter egg?

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Personalize your terminal greeting

Want to be über cool? You can have a personalized greeting for your terminal sessions.


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