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Refresh your brushes collection

One of our new forum members have a very cool PhotoShop related site, where I found this article about PS brushes. I particularly like those brushes, which are based on real drawings of First World War tanks. It can be pretty useful for some retro deconstructive designs.

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The CreativeBits Forum is here!

Many readers suggested to set up a CreativeBits Forum. Hope you will like it and find it useful. Registration takes only few seconds and you don't even need to activate it through your email, you get instant access for all the features.

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How to come up with creative ideas

Here is my 9 step process that I developed for myself.

1. Brief
First I skip through the brief. Then I read it again properly.

2. Research
Usually I just check out what the competition is doing to make sure I'm not doing the same, etc.

3. Brainstorming
You need to prepare for this one. Take a piece of paper, write the name of the project and the main objective on the top of the page. Divide the page into 9 sections with 2 horizontal and 2 vertical lines to make 9 sections. Make 4 copies.

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All you need to know about corporate identity design

Check out - a new magazine about corporate identity documentation, corporate design manuals and styleguides. It has just started and they promise to have a lot of content soon! Give them encouragament.

Here is a related post about logos.

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Get well Steve!

You probably read about Steve's recent operation that is reported to be successful.

You can wish Steve Jobs well after his cancer surgery here or by sending a mail to him to this address.

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Media asset managers reviewed

I'd like to recommend one great image cataloging software for heavy professional use but I can't. Each of the four softwares has it's strength and weaknesses.

This one is a great little app to download and organize your digital photos, but it won't be able to make much sense of your vector files.
$49 as part of the iLife package

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Keep your creative juices flowing

When you see a male model with a perfect six pack, although you know he was only posing for five seconds for that picture, but he had to stick to a strict diet, he had to run in the morning and do weight training in the afternoon for month, if not years.

Same goes for you as a creative professional. You only need to shine for five seconds a day to come up with a great idea, but that takes hard work from you outside of the working hours. You need to nurture your creativity.

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What's your favourite campaign?

I like all Benetton advertising and I particularly like the famous Got Milk? campaign. But my favorite is the PETA campaign with the models posing nude, and it's not because they are nude. It's because nudity is used widely for so many ads, but without any connection to the product, just to sell through sex.

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Anyone with a computer can call themselves a graphic designer?

I'd like to congratulate the winners of the The 2004 Adobe Design Achievement Awards. For me the most interesting was the work of the print category first place winner G. Dan Covert from the California College of the Arts. He was looking for the reasons why our profession, Graphic Design is not appreciated.


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