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Create a mosaic with MacOSaiX

Here is a jewel for Mac OSX. Long time ago, I think Time magazine had a cover page made with such technique. At that time the mosaic was made by a skilled artist who manually created a visual that was made up of hundreds of smaller images. Now you can create similar mosaics using MacOSaiX.

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Brighten up your shadows

There is a quick solution to bring back under/overexposed photos to life in PS CS. If your subject is underexposed you can select Image/Adjustment/Shadow/Highlight to lighten up only the dark areas of your image.

In fact you can use the same command with different settings to darken images where the flash has overexposed the image.

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Time to try Firefox

Safari is a great browser, but Firefox is even better. Both browsers give a better surfing experience than Internet Explorer, but Firefox is really pushing the limits. It supports all the standrads and it's fast. (BTW, if you can't see the png image on the right, you might be using IE).

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Pixel design

If you need to make pixel correct designs, there is a free application for OS X called Pixen.

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PS CS has an amazing new feature that helps you create panoramas, which can be very impressive, because they break out of the usual perspective that we are used to see. Wide angle lenses can create a cool effect, but nothing can beat a well done panorama.

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Logos for you on the web

There is a truly amazing free russian site that contains tons of logos for you to download in vector format. Originally it was known as, and now called as Brands of the World. Challange it, hard to find an international brand that's not featured. It's great when you're pitching for a business and don't want to use a low res logo for positioning or if you need to find a dozen sponsor logos and don't feel like calling them all up.

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Customize your weekly view

If you only want to see 3 days in the weekly view, press Apple-Alt-3. In fact you can press any number from 1-7 to customize the layout. Notice that the days shown in the main view will be highlighted in the small monthly calendar in the bottom left corner.

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Post dedicated to the reader

Thank you for your good habit of coming to CreativeBits! I have received some very positive feedback on my blog and it inspires me tremendously.

I would like to share some stats with you. I was positively surprised to see that CreativeBits receives a daily average of 1000 visitors. 69% are Mac users and 29% percent are Windows. 59% of the users surfing with Safari, IE6: 21%, Netscape 5: 13%, IE5: 4% and Opera 7 gets less then 1%. 30% of the users are on 1024x768 resolution, 1280x1024 gets 20% and 1280x854 is 11%. Here is a chart of the timezones:

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Supersizing your images part four

Sometimes you need to enlarge images to extreme big sizes and you just can't get hold of any original that would have more details for your print. There is only one more important thing you can do, besides the things I've already discussed earlier: add noise. It might sound weird, but the fact is that in print it's more pleasant to the eye to see an image that has some texture even if it doesn't have sensible details rather than just big blurred patches of color.

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Save As window shortcuts

When you press Apple-S (Apple-Shift-S) in most applications the Save As dialog pops up. You can easily navigate here by using the following shortcuts:

Desktop folder: Apple-D
Home folder: Apple-Shift-H
Move one level up: Apple-Arrow up


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