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Free stock photography

Tons of free photography is available on the net. Some of it is surprisingly good quality. My favorite is the nice and useful stock.xchng with some 85K images nicely categorized and searchable with keywords. If you have some images to share go ahead register and upload them to help out your fellow designer across the globe. Another other free stock photography site is the popular Big Foto.

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Copy Color as HTML

If you ever need to pick up a the hexadecimal color value from your image select the Eyedropper tool (or just press I) and Ctrl-Click the image. The contextual menu will have an option to the Copy Color as HTML. The string on your clipboard will have the following format: COLOR="#DBDBDB"

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A word on fonts

PostScript® Type 1 (or simply called Type 1) font was the first standard released by Adobe. Apple built in the Adobe technology into the Macintosh in 1985. This combined with the release of PageMaker®, which was the first DTP software, was revolutionary for the industry.

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History snapshot

The history panel can get full really fast when you use the brushes. To make sure you can still jump back to an important stage of your work use the History palette's Snapshot function. In the top right corner of the History palette the little arrow pointing to the right opens a menu where you will find New snapshot... Add a descriptive name for each stage of your work to keep track of your advancement. At any time you feel like you need to revert to that saved stage, just press the appropriate Snapshot button on the History palette to instantly revert.

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Drag & drop

If you have a Freehand document that has elements you want to add to the document you're working on you don't need to open the file to select it's contents and than paste them into your working document. Just take the document that contains the elements you need and drop it over your working document.

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Black vs. black

Not every black is same. Some blacks are different than others. What am I talking about? Fair question.

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Redeye correction done right

Although there is redeye correction built in to iPhoto, but most of the time the results are not very convincing. In Photoshop you can achieve an excellent result by doing the following few easy steps.

Here is our starting image. This girl has beautiful brown eyes. However the flash of the camera made her look like a bunny.

Make a Channel mixer adjustment layer and set the Red channel to Red 0%, Green 50%, Blue 50%. Don't get scared you'll get a completely off color image.

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Using the library

Many times we use certain elements on our design repetitively. Logos for example are usually appearing several times throughout our documents. Once this repetitive element changes, we have to go through our document updating all the instances. There is a better way to do it. If you are familiar with Flash, you already know what I'm gonna say. In Freehand (and Illustrator) there is a panel called Library that can be used to keep frequently used elements.

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Enlarging images part two

To continue on the same topic of yesterday I'd like to mention a new function in PS CS. In the Image/Image size menu point under Resample image there are two new options. Bicubic smoother is an enhanced algorithm which should be used to upscale and Bicubic sharper should be used to downscale images. They produce a slightly better final image than any of the other 3 options that were previously available before CS.

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Enlarging and improving jpg images

It's very common that one has to use an image for printing taken from the internet. These images are usually small in size and you can clearly spot the jpeg compression in form of small squares. If you wanted to use such an image for printing, you can either use them in only very small size or the above mentioned squares will be visible. Obviously it's better to avoid using low res jpeg images for printing, but sometimes we can't avoid it. With the following procedure you can enlarge and improve your image slightly, so that it becomes printable.


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