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Wacom's Intuos Creative Stylus Brings Pressure Sensitivity to the iPad

Yes, such styluses are already available from HEX3 and adonit but since Wacom is the market leader for pressure-sensitive drawing tools, anything it comes up with is worth close scrutiny. Its latest offering, which will be available for purchase in early October for $99, looks quite slick, thanks to its brushed aluminum housing and black or blue/black color schemes. Created for the iPad 3, 4 and Mini, the Intuos Creative Stylus can be used with such apps as Autodesk SketchBook Pro for iPad, ArtRage and ProCreate, with support for Adobe Ideas and Psykopaint on the way. The 2,048 levels of pressure sensitivity, palm rejection, shortcut functionality and Bluetooth 4.0 make the magic happen. More information is available on the Wacom site.

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Gold iPhone

Update: It looks like the gold iPhone is going to be rather champagne gold color, not yellow gold. See image above. It's a more elegant color suitable for the Western audience.

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Creative Cloud Design Week Offers Five Days of Free Training

Back in February the creativeLIVE site site hosted PhotoshopWEEK, for which more than 150,000 participants from 178 countries tuned in for free webinars that included Photoshop's Best-Kept Secrets; Editing Habits to Break; Mastering Blending Modes; and Getting Started with Actions. Provided free during the event, those sessions are now available on a paid basis. Now there's the free five-day Creative Cloud Design Week, which kicks off on August 19 and runs until the 23rd. The 11 instructors will focus on the core CC applications, with topics including InDesign Basics - Using Photoshop and InDesign; Master Illustrator's Patterns; Dreamweaver vs Muse; and Template-based Imaging in Photoshop.

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iPhone 6 concept video

Watch this concept video of a possible iPhone 6 design running iOS7 featuring a screen that extends to the very edges of the phone, a 3D camera, soft buttons, surround sound and wireless charging.

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OSX concept inspired by iOS7

Designer Stu Crew creates OS X Ivericks concept.

He writes:
iOS 7 will change Apple's software design dramatically leaving OS X behind. In order to visualise the new style on a Mac screen I recreated several elements and applied them to several programs. Created to explore the idea of an updated OS X this is just a update of looks with a few new functions taken from both the iPhone and iPad.

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Something for the old gang

Yo people - what's up? Thought some of you folks might appreciate this Kickstarter project - the G-stick. It's basically a regular mouse crammed into a pen that's about as thick as a fat sharpie with a roller ball on the end. Looks like it would be a great thing for any graphic artist (hey - they got my money). Anyway, they tried to get it "kickstarted" and it fell thru the first time around. I had pledged $38 for one of these things - they're supposed to retail for $70 in the store.

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Apple Store App gives you paid apps for free every week

Apple to promote their Apple Store app available as a free download now gives you one free paid app every week. The Apple Store app is a good to have anyway as it provides Apple product news, an easy way to browse and buy Apple products from your iPhone or iPad and also tells you which Apple Store is closest to you at any time.

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Coming to a Screen Near You: Subconscious Password

Last week's SIGGRAPH conference was once again the showcase for fresh directions in animation. One of the many ingenious works being presented would seem to have been Chris Landreth's animated short, Subconscious Password. Landreth snagged an Oscar for his 2004 short Ryan and seems to be back in fine form, with the new film already winning best short film at the 2013 Annecy International Animated Film Festival.

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Photoshop's filters in two minutes

Barcelona-based audiovisual design studio Device has packed all the filters from Photoshop CS5 into a two-minute video (below) showing them applied to the Ps icon. We're told that each filter depicted "has a custom sound design that uses the same sound for each filter but with a different distortion effect for every case, exporting the graphical concept to the sound." You'll find even stranger clips on the studio's site.

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Apple to introduce mobile payments with iPhone 5S

Several sources indicate that the production of iPhone 5S has begun and we have an idea about the hardware expected to launch too:

  • 4-inch IGZO Retina display
  • A6 processor clocked a bit faster than the iPhone 5
  • Quad-core SGX 554MP4 graphics
  • 2GB RAM
  • Upgraded LTE radio
  • 12MP camera
  • Dual-LED flash
  • NFC
  • Fingerprint scanner

The most interesting are the last two items.


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