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This is my first project for advertising class.. The assignment was to design a word that imitates its sound. This is just a concept for my final.. Thanks for your input.

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Good job. :)

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Well, I'm not completely clear on the objective of the project, but personally I'd rather see the feeling achieved through effective typography, as opposed to cartoonizing letters. I do tend to think simplistically though.

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Nice job. One comment though. You don't say ouch afterwards, do you? You say it while you are being hurt, or immediately after getting hurt, don't you? I would try to show the moment of getting hurt, instead of the aftermath.

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Definitely seems that time of year again, yes? Anyway, I can definitely see the points that ryantoyota made - cartooning letters isn't a very powerful way of addressing a message. At least in my experience, you mostly see this kind of thing on child day-care centers or similar. I know this isn't a typography class, but I think my point is more that you should express the emotion through the actual text, instead of adding extra things to it - in my opinion it would be more powerful.

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I like it. It's a good start. Maybe try and make the injuries less figurative and more abstract and take it from there. Love the H, how you incorporated the crutch and and cast.

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Seraphim and Ryantoyota has a great point about using type to convey the message, but this is good in itself! I guess it really boils down to what the project criteria are...if illustration is permitted, then this is a success!

What zagadka says about saying ouch after the injury makes sense, but all in all I believe this to be successful, but keep playing around with ideas!

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Thank you all very much!

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