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Creativebits gets new theme

As you already noticed creativebits got a fresh new design.

The objectives were to bring the design closer to AotW and BotW, since they are all part of the same family of sites. I wanted to give more space in the sidebar for the latest critiques and forum topics. Also, I needed a rectangle adspace above the fold instead of the skyscrapers, which are hard to design good ads for.

I'm aware there are still issues with the theme here and there. It will be fine tuned in the next few weeks. Click around and let me know how you like it, also report any bugs you find.

Finally please update your profile image (avatar), because now it is shown larger than before and your old profile image may appear out of focus in this new layout. Thank you for your support!

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rossgram's picture
45 pencils

Chalk up one "like".
Looks good.

KellyR's picture
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Love it, Ivan! Very refreshing and it feels easier to read, too. I think the only thing I'm not keen on is the brown color for the user comments... feels out of place with the grey and orange theme. (You know us artists... always gotta pick at the little things) ;)

Thanks for the hard work in putting up a new layout!

Ivan's picture

Yes, I agree. I want to differentiate the new comments from the old ones somehow. I'm happy to try different color options. Pls recommend.

KellyR's picture
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I agree with Jim... either a different color grey or maybe the bright orange stroke or something partially around the new ones.

JimD's picture
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Yeah, the brown is out of place. How about a shade of gray, or perhaps just a bright orange keyline/glow around the comment? I'll reserve some of my other findings until the switchover with the code is complete. I came across one or two glitches, but you may be aware of them anyway.

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Ivan's picture

Yes, I think a lighter shade of gray will work. Also, do let me know of any glitches regardless if I'm aware or not, if you have the time that is of course.

Craig Michael Patrick's picture
65 pencils


First, the new design is a fantastic improvement. If you're trying to make the distinction between new and older posts, why not change the font color rather than the whole comment balloon color? Regardless, the brown looks a bit off.

None the less, excellent redesign.

Craig Michael Patrick

pratikbagaria's picture
6 pencils

Hi Ivan,

Firstly I was following your blog from long. And this new theme is a plus.
Just registered now, to learn more... more about Mac, that is :)


Tice's picture
44 pencils

Looks good. Like it!

Ahmed.GFX's picture
9 pencils

It looks amazing; the layout has a nice color. Great work.

steveballmer's picture
653 pencils

The colors are kinda' weird!
I am not Steve Ballmer pretending not to be me!

JimD's picture
2626 pencils

Here are a few things:

The User Account Menu

The user account drop down menu in the upper-right is a pain. Why do we have to click twice to access sub-menus? If I want to create a post, link, critique, etc., I first have to click "Create" in the menu:

Which then takes me to a blank page where I must make another trip to the menu and select Create>Blog, or Forum Topic, Critique, Weblink.

Not only that, but the delay before you can click one of those items is kind of annoying (about 2 seconds using Firefox 3.5.x)

The sidebar:
I gotta say Ivan, you might as well just remove it completely. The entire sidebar is nothing more than a home for advertising - since virtually everything else is now up in the navigation bar across the top. The sidebar makes it virtually impossible to find content on the site. It's too big, too bright, and too full of ads (duplicate ones no less).

Other stuff:
The ability to attach/upload images appears to be gone now. Was that planned?

The text area input box preview button is useless since it doesn't support previewing simple formatting. You actually have to publish a blog post, comment, etc. to see what it will actually look like. This was a problem with the old theme as well. Actually, it's most likely a Drupal problem.

Most of the items in your personal prefs (show random image, etc.) don't work. The only thing I can get to show up in the sidebar are "Latest Critique" and "Active Forum Topics" - and ads of course.

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Ivan's picture

Thank you!

On the first point. There is a post a forum topic, post a critique, etc. on each page in the top right corner of the content area. I think I have to remove the create menu from the drop down altogether.

I can't remove the right sidebar. It contains the ads, but also contains the latest forum topics and the latest critique items.

I'll check on the preview. It supposed to work... :(

I'll check on those blocks you mentioned as well.

morse's picture
69 pencils

Much better than the previous layout. I don't care for the brown new comments either. Overall good!

PS. I updated my avatar. ;)

designbump's picture
1 pencil


Just created an account so that I could tell you I really like the new design/layout. Keep up the great work!



Ivan's picture

Thank you! Thanks to everybody!

hawks1528's picture
48 pencils

I like the new layout. I have to agree not found of the colors.
Bug I noticed is I was trying to change my pic and it's not working! Could just be me. I tried checking delete original and adding a new one at same time. That came up with the default pic (the one you get if you don't have a pic). Then I tried uploading a new pic of me but when I saved it returned to the old one I had instead of my new choice. I tried a couple times but I can't get it to change. Also the drop down lists (the ones on the left-side of the bar under the tabs) have arrows showing they drop down; I assume when I see the arrows I would have to click to activate the dropping; however, you don't on these and they are a little sensitive to drop when you aren't even necessarily on them. I hope you know what I mean, as I do not and have not designed web sites I really don't know how to show you or know the technical terms I might should be using. I could be wrong but I think you have made one change that I really like in particular and that is when I hit the back arrow for my browser I go back to where I was on the prior page, instead of back to the top of the page. That used to bug me when I was going through critiques and would always start at the top of the page again. I always wondered why there wasn't a link to move onto the next critique or something. So thank you!

Ivan's picture

Thanks for the feedback! Regarding your avatar. It has changed, you just need to refresh your browser, because your image is cached in it. I see your new image just fine.

smartgrafix's picture
79 pencils

I like the new theme very much.

My only criticism would be the h3 headlines on the "News" page are too small, making it hard to quickly identify where one news item finishes & the next begins.

Ivan's picture

Correct. Thanks!

Erin C's picture
11 pencils

Ivan, I like the new set up. I'm also not a big fan of the brown but you never know unless you try. I always liked how you had it before with the comment colors switching back and forth with each new comment. I found it easy to read through the comments easy. Can't wait to see what colors you'll get yourself into next!

Chez A's picture
89 pencils

Change is good ... sometimes. There are tiny little bugs here and there and definitely could be fixed. I happened to be fiddling around with Drupal in the past few months ... I'd gladly give a hand if you need.

Anthony Proulx's picture
50 pencils

Hey Ivan.

I just got back from performing at Sturgis all week and now I am getting back into work mode and to my surprise your site is redesigned! Nice and clean work.

Avatars keep previous size, asking all users to re-update their icon is kinda annoying, I bet that a lot of people will not bother to update, unless they are annoyed by pixelation, in which case is why I will be updating/changing mine.

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