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Liked CreativeBits? You will love CreativeGuy!

I'm happy to announce that Jim, our author at CB decided to start his own professional blog about graphic design called CreativeGuy! Jim will continue to contribute in the CreativeBits forums and will stay to be an author at CB. Wish him good luck with his project!

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My opinion is why not join more forces? Instead of Jim having his own blog where he'll probably will post more stuff then on Creative Bits..

Personally I don't see any good in this at all..
I checked CreativeGuy and it really feels like a competitor to Creative Bits.. A bit more InDesign but even some Photoshop and OS X and that's the kind of articles that Creative Bits has..

Hope I didn't pissed any off now :)

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I'll put any questions as to movites and reasoning to rest right now.

First, competition is a GOOD thing! Second, if you look back through CreativeBits' archives, you'll notice that Ivan and I post very different topics *most* of the time. I focus on software tips almost exclusively, while Ivan offers industry commentary, concepting ideas and various other advertising and design related topics. Third, though I've been with CreativeBits for some time now, I had intended on running my own site for quite some time before CB came into the picture.

So where does that leave things? Well, I will be focusing on bringing you great content. Ivan will be focusing on bringing you great content. Together, we hope to bring you MORE great content than what you had when we were both concentrating on CB alone. So while we are competitors in one respect, we're about as friendly a competitor as you can possibly get. I will still contribute to the main blog occasionally, and will continue to participate and moderate the forums – but the bulk of my time will be in researching new tips, tutorials and reviewing software for CreativeGuy (yes, I will eventually get a full domain name).

Ivan on the other hand will be offering some things that I won't be. I won't go into detail, but you'll all get to see what I'm talking about when CreativeBits v.2 is released.

In closing, this is a good thing. Ivan and I have discussed this at length, there is no ill-will involved at all, and we're both quite excited about the future of our little projects!

Abdul Rehman's picture

Jim, I was over at your blog some time ago. It looks pretty good to me! I really love the illustration in the header!

Get some more InDesign stuff on, and I'll be a regular. It's one of the packages I'm trying to teach myself now, that and Illustrator. I think I "know" too much of Photoshop now.

Stuff the whole competition idea, you could say CB is the right eye, CG is the left. You need both, right? *Hmm, how silly was that?*

Anyway, all the best with CG mate!

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Abdul, you basically hit the nail on the head. While me mostly likely have similar posts occasionally, for the most part we will have entirely different content.

The reason CreativeGuy looks so much like CreativeBits right now (as far as content) is because I'm getting all my posts from CB that I felt were good posts and putting them in to CreativeGuy. Most of the tips there now are just old tips from here at CB. However, I began posting new tips this week!

And yes, there will be lots more InDesign & Illustrator – especially with the new versions coming out soon.

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