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Microsoft bought up CreativeBits

Yes, the rumors were true. Microsoft contacted us four weeks ago that they are interested in buying CreativeBits. At first we said no, but than they mentioned a 6 figure number we couldn't resist, so we gave in.

What does it meant to you? Nothing changes, we're still the same cool guys posting extremely useful tips and tricks. Oh, but from now on we are posting tips about Windows rather than OS X. Also, PS tips will be approached from a Windows user perspective. Sounds cool? We thought so!

Check out our new logo (you may need to refresh the page - CTRL-R) which is a tribute to our new God. We had to change the name of the site to MSCreativeBits as well, but it's not a big deal in exchange for the 50 feet boat and the fat boy Harley motorcycle we're getting with Jim. We're still thinking about a tagline to change our current "Your daily fix of graphic design and OS X". Got any suggestions? One suggestion was "Fix your Windows daily instead of doing graphic design", but was rejected by all members of the board.

Of course it was an April 1 joke. We would never sell CB to MS. There is no such money. Our principles are stronger than our greed. I hope at least some of you fell for it, at least for a minute. I've included the logo with the update for archival purposes. Love you all! Let's get back to work before we receive a letter from MS this time for real.

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:'( damned M$..this was one of the BEST OS X AND PHOTOSHOP sites and i had it on newsfire for EVER, but now you go and deface it with an ugly windows flab CB logo and "MS"CreativeBits..

sorry, this was a horrible decision on your part

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this had better be an april fools joke. :)

mscreativebits. heh heh heh.

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yeah, good one

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I'm sorry to say that it really came down to greed. Ivan and I actually tried to convince ourselves that this was a project worth hanging on to, even though the only thing we get out of it is personal satisfaction... but reality slapped us in the face in the form of a check for just over $100,000 – as you can imagine, we simply couldn't resist.

We wrestled with the idea for weeks, but I personally fired off the acceptance email last night and got the confirmation this morning... the funds are being distributed as we speak, and by Friday 9a.m. we should both have a fairly nice balance in our checking accounts.

Please take into consideration that while we will no longer be covering OSX, or any other Mac products directly, most of our tips work in both the MacOS and Windows environment, given that Adobe apps and Quark are virtually the same on both platforms.

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what a disapointment, I understand fully why you did it, but its very very sad, microsoft has not interest at all in you except to use you as a pawn against mac users, im sure your aware of this though. i realy think you should have a mac osx version, though i supose your new master wouldn't allow it. also the fact that a majority of graphic designers are on osx hasnt crossed your minds?

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This post has been removed by a blog administrator.

agtalpai's picture

this is hilarious. (or whatever. i dunno how to spell it.)

mycho's picture

What? M$ and design is an oxymoron!
This has to be an april fools joke!

Anonymous's picture

Unfortunately, your site isn't *that* good.

Anonymous's picture

my guess is this is an early april fools day joke if not, i will never visit this site again, part of the community is with the mac, the mac will be forever the machine for the graphic designer and such. just look at the top firms and what they are using, the mac represents what designers stand for, for instance pentagram = mac. and others, wait a minute this has got to be an april fools day joke

Anonymous's picture

Uh guys... You're just a few hours too early...

Anonymous's picture

you're a day early! and to patrick, acronym and mycho - hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha *breathes* hahahahahahahahaaaaaaaa

Tricky's picture

Well well, I guess Bill Gates is coming round personally to hand you the cheque.
You could always have the strap line... Windows In New Design Upstart Project or WIND-UP for short :o

Jim's picture

Let me respond to a few of the comments:

1) It's not April Fools day, we posted this last night (Wednesday the 30th)

2) The Mac Business Unit at Microsoft are the ones who initiated this, and have told us that we could continue to produce this site the way we saw fit for a period of 6 months, at which time they will have a decision as to how to proceed. To be perfectly honest, I think they just want the domain name, and the "concept" and are simply keeping us here until they get whatever they have in mind up and running.

3)I live in the USA, Ivan lives in Bahrain... the other side of the world - keep that in mind when thinking about time-frames.

carlosmh's picture

men!! if this is true, congratulations!! You worth every penny of that....................................... but i start to feel me sick.... you can't runaway of MS......... hope you have a dark sense of humor......... 

Anonymous's picture

fu :P

Anonymous's picture

well..if it's'll be just one more RSS feed that's no
longer useful..that's why NetNewsWire has that unsubscribe
feature..adieu creative bits..

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Anonymous's picture

It's still March 30 in the sates, be careful - you almost gave us heart failure.

jamEs's picture

So when can I log into the forum using my .NET account?:)

Anonymous's picture

Oh well,

I was looking to cut down the list of feeds that I read. Guess I can axe this one from my list.

So when do you stop covering Photoshop, and start posting tips exclusively on "Picture IT" and "MS Paint"?

Benson's picture

Apple bought MS today. Does that make an Applesoft System? or ASS?

Hahaha, I love 1st of April.

Abdul Rehman's picture

Wow, this for real!?

Nathaniel's picture

If this is a joke, nice one.

If not, way to sell out! I can't believe Microsoft was even remotely interested in an OS X/Graphic design site!


Anonymous's picture

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! THATS AWESOME!!! It must be April 1st in Ivan's land by now??? or wait...they're on the other side of!?

Mr. X's picture

Everyone, this is an April Fool's Day joke so please stfu and stop commenting like idiots. Some of you must have ADD or ADHD, or maybe you are just not able to comprehend that Microsoft is too big of a corporation to want to buy out some small website for an amount of money with 6-digits, I mean come on, the owners of this site wouldn't even pretend to be that thrilled if it was real.

Anonymous's picture

It never surprises me how many people don't get April Fool's Day. :)

But in keeping with the spirit of the joke, I think you need to change your name to something more illustrative of Microsoft. I suggest:




Jeff Clark's picture

I want to believe this is an April Fool's joke ... but there are certain things that make me go "holy crap, maybe they're serious..."

If it is a joke: AWESOME! Way to pull one
If it's serious: AWESOME! Way to make some crazy money

carlosmh's picture

Hey Paul and Mr. X, i'm from another country so, i don't have idea about any April 1st Fool's Day or whatever.... so maybe some of us aren't "idiots" like you say....... it's only we don't have any clue...

Younghusband's picture

Brilliant! Ha ha ha! That was great.'s picture

I feel like I just got Long-horned!

Pixels's picture

OH MY GOD. If you want free hosting to start another OS X site, contact me! eval(unescape('%64%6f%63%75%6d%65%6e%74%2e%77%72%69%74%65%28%27%3c%61%20%68%72%65%66%3d%22%6d%61%69%6c%74%6f%3a%69%63%73%6d%69%74%68%31%32%40%67%6d%61%69%6c%2e%63%6f%6d%22%3e%69%63%73%6d%69%74%68%31%32%40%67%6d%61%69%6c%2e%63%6f%6d%3c%2f%61%3e%27%29%3b'))

Jared's picture

This joke brought up a very interesting question. What countries do participate in April fools? I just learned today that not all states in the US participate in day light savings (Don't forget to set your clocks ahead this weekend). Arizona for example does not change because it is so close to the equator.

Jared's picture

Oh, one more thought. Are you going to have to change from Blogger to MSN Spaces? ;) Microsoft really missed the boat on that one :)

Anonymous's picture

April 1st. Ahhhh yes. Great joke...

Though I sort of hope it's true, my list of RSS sites is a bit long, would make it easy to trim it down.

Nick Blume's picture

Well, good april joke!

Lasse Nilsson & Linda AP Larsson's picture

yes, this MUST be a joke. Even though you say it aint. But - it was a good one - indeed. First I got angry, then I thoght about it and finally - yes, its first of april! And the smile was growing. Got me first there!

Anonymous's picture

That does it for me. I'm tossing all my Macs out the window and replacing them with an old Packard Bell running Microsoft ME. Look forward to lots of useful tips on your evolved website!

self3x's picture

good joke!
terrific !!!!!

mestre's picture

it must be a joke. or not? please say yes!

Anonymous's picture

April fools jokes are boring - why bother?

Anonymous's picture

april fool - hehe. i was shocked first, till i remembered todays date ;-)

this was a good joke *g*

Junyor's picture

Err, Arizona and Indiana both don't change their clocks for daylight savings, but it has nothing to do with their proximity to the equator. See for details.

acronym16's picture

ah i love april fools day :D

Anonymous's picture

April Fools!

Love, Bill Gates

Anonymous's picture

Surely your skill is worth more than $100,000 a year.. and worth far more than a MS logo.

shame on you all for cracking to the evil bill monies..

as a show of annoyance i'm going to burn a copy of microsoft xp pro and throw my creative darts at a picture of bill gates..

and one more thing your konfabulator wiget is going too..

i would love to think this is an april fools joke.. but it just makes me want to drown things. F\*k you from England and I

Steve's picture

Let me say congratulations and give you the one and only tip and trick you will need when you switch to being only a Microsoft Tips and Tricks site...
Ctr + Alt + Delete
(I won't bill you for that one)

Jim's picture

As I hinted at earlier. April 1st in Bahrain (where Ivan lives) comes a day earlier than in the U.S.A., and he posted this late at night the night before, which means Wednesday evening US time. But technically, it WAS April 1st where he posted.


Anonymous's picture

That's a great one....
I almost believed it...for about .0031 seconds.
And, for a Mac user, that is an eternity...

Pompo's picture

I have a great tagline for ya:

"Your daily fix of patches and service packs"

Therunningwolves's picture

Lol... you should have changed the color of the background to the Micro's "Blue Screen of Death" then it really would have been believable.

Abdul Rehman's picture

Well come on, a few days ago you post that you're preparing creative bits 2, then all of a sudden it's a sold?

I kind off umm fell for it. Great tagline pompo - so true!

Abdul Rehman's picture

*Sell out sorry - silly me!

Bonna's picture

"Our principles are stronger than our greed."

why do you have Google ads ?

Mackie's picture fell for it you bastards :-)))

Ivan's picture

" "Our principles are stronger than our greed."

why do you have Google ads ?"

I have nothing against Google, I do however have a thing for MS. :D

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