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Sorry for the ocassional downtime

What to do? I payed big bucks to make sure cb has a reliable web host. There is no 100% uptime hosting service I guess, but I'm still a bit disappointed. This is what I got from DreamHost:

Unfortunately we are still dealing with issues on the mysql servers at this time. Our administration team is taking steps to separate heavy database users from the shared servers. We have also noticed a problem with the kernel on the mysql server today so that issue is being addressed also. We will continue to watch the servers. As we work towards a solution you may notice further downtime. We are aware of the consistent downtime and I assure you that we are working on the servers and that we do not believe this downtime is acceptable.

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DH has been fine for me. Sad but true that there is no sure thing. You should be compensated richly.

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Hi, I work for PowWeb as the web designer (, and I would love to talk to you about sponsoring your hosting.
We have a fully load balanced infrastructure, as well as boatloads of space and bandwidth.

I know this seems like spamming, but in reality, I really love this site, and your traffic looks good, so I would love to hear from you, if you're interested :)

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Nate, thank you! It's very kind, but I think I'll stay with DH for now. If I experience further troubles I'll run to you! :)

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I had the same issue with DH a month ago. I had just gone live with a new site, and our DB server went down for 3 hours...

I haven't had any trouble since, but on any shared hosting there are few assurances. I have been very happy with DH otherwise. I hope I don't have to worry about this again!

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American Data. Never a problem and never down (so far).

Terrell Thornhill

e-zign Design Group

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DreamHost has been nothing BUT bad.

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I've yet to experience the site to be not working. Everytime I come here, it's working fine. Must be my luck I suppose...

Don't sweat it Ivan, I'm sure we all appreciate what you're doing here.

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I have immense respect for the folks at DreamHost. Their level of honesty and communication is what's kept me with them for years and earned them recommendations to many friends/clients.

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Hello Grizabella Users,

Grizabella is back up and running as of approximately 5:00pm PDT (about
45 minutes ago). We believe we have restored all of your data from the
original drive successfully (so all of your data should be the most
recent possible).

We've included details of the downtime below for those of you interested
in such details.

For those of you interested only with quality service, the only thing
that might assuage your concerns is the fact that Grizabella is now 100%
brand new hardware. Not one single piece of hardware from the old
Grizabella remains on the new Grizabella.

We are extremely sorry for the downtime that you experienced today. We
understand that Grizabella has had some serious issues lately, and that
it must be quite frustrating for you. Please accept our apologies for
this downtime.

If you have further concerns, please contact us and let us know.

Frustrated But Happy That Your Data Is Finally Restored DreamHost MySQL

The Details

For those of you interested in the details of the hours long downtime
today, here is a breakdown of the unusual events that occurred today.

First, we originally believed Grizabella had a multi-drive RAID failure.
A RAID-10 system can handle a single drive failure, but it cannot handle
multiple drive failures at once. This is highly unusual, and is
probably not what actually happened.

(It later turned out that the RAID card was fried in some manner, and
swapping in a new RAID card at least made the data drives readable,
though not bootable).

Second, when we tried to recover from the onboard backup drive, we
eventually discovered that it was non-functional as well.

So we turned back to the original RAID drives. When we were unable to
get even fresh drives to boot off of the original RAID card, we reasoned
that the RAID card was likely fried.

At that point, with the RAID card fried *and* the backup drive fried, we
realized that something had probably short circuited (something probably
in the power system), and hence we ditched that hardware altogether.

Moving the RAID drives to new hardware, we discovered the drives in a
partially functional state. We were eventually able to access the data
in READ-ONLY mode, and copy off your data to a new backup drive. We
rebooted that server with fresh data & operating system drives, moved
your data to those new drives, and got Grizabella back up and running

This entire process of troubleshooting took many hours longer than we
were expecting it to.

Generally drives die on your servers all the time, but our RAID systems
are setup to handle it seamlessly, and you never even notice the drive
failure. Likewise, in case of RAID card failure, moving the backup
drive to a new server should take an hour or less. Unfortunately,
neither was the case today.

An Apologetic DreamHost MySQL Team!

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