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Adobe threatens pirates

To continue on yesterdays theme of Arab designs and an earlier post about Adobe fighting software piracy, let me show you a DM that Adobe sent out recently. When you remove the red wrapper, you find a brown paper bag with holes for the eyes. On the side of the bag it reads: "Something to hide your face in if you get caught with pirated software."

This DM is obviously creative and fun. It certainly gets the message across. I understand that piracy is a big problem and that Adobe needs to do everything it can to fight it. However, if you think about it, the idea of this DM itself is a bit scary. Middle East, pirates, hoods with eye holes. It's too much of a reminder of the recent awful events happening in Iraq. In this perspective this DM is just insensitive in my opinion. I wonder if it was executed (pun intended) in a local Middle Eastern agency by some lighthearted expatriate creative or if it was thought of somewhere else where the creative had a good laugh, when they came up with a relevant DM piece for the Middle East. To be fair, Adobe did include a ticket for a draw where brave customers who send their information back can win a free Creative Suite and tickets to a major exhibition. This was a nice touch.

Thanks Paul for modeling.

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It's too much of a reminder of the recent awful events happening in Iraq? I don't think so. When someone has a bag over their head in Iraq, it doesn't have eyeholes.

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It's just another retro reference to the 70's.

Remember the Unknown Comic? He had a ventiloquist dummy (a brown paper lunch bag) bit. The bit went something like this:

UC: Hey, What's your name?
SS: Sad Sack.
UC: Where you from?
SS: Bagdad.


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oh please... get a life and take it in the way it was intended! America has done more to screw up the world than any other nation. If you find connotations with a novelty idea like this then you obviously have too much time on your hands. Why not use it to do some good?

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