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No such thing as bad publicity

One would think the leaked Paris Hilton sex video would destroy the woman's life, maybe even effect the business of daddy's hotel chain. No way! I have to admit I had no idea who she was before her scandal. Maybe heard the name, but it didn't register. Now, she's got her own collection on Amazon. BTW, I have to give credit to Amazon, they didn't overdo the retouching, just look at that dirty foot. :) The moral of the story: in our culturally diverse world any publicity is good. Someone, somewhere will like your brand. You just need to be out there.

How does it apply to us designers? Simple, shock your audience with your designs and your ads. Don't settle for good stuff. Do something very unexpected that people will talk about. The secondary publicity created by the unexpected can all be considered free advertising. One would think that all the publicity against the US president would destroy his image? No way, he's leading in the polls! You would think all the rants about McDonald's would put them out of business? Not at all!

The public is irrational. If a brand is at the center of attention, even if it's in a negative context, the brand awareness is raised. The top of mind recognition sky rockets. Of course surprising the audience is not an easy thing to do. Our shock tolerance levels are very high nowadays. This brings me to the question, is there anything that can still shock you?

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Typo - "just look at that dirty feet."

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Real violence. Not television violence but violence seen first hand.

My neighbors had an all out brawl one time; one had a hammer and the other a piece of 2X4. That scared the shit out of me.

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I don't care for her, but what a sweet ankle! It looks clean, to me, anyway. (I'm not a "feet person")

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Just thought I would chime in on this, I don't think it's just a matter of shocking people when it comes to design. Use of the blink tag on would be shocking, but hardly appreciated no matter how much notice it gathered.

I think Malcom Gladwell's books, The Tipping Point, and Blink, actually do a great job of explaining how people devour and either appreciate or dislike things. A must read for all designers, especially Blink, more designers need to understand how people thinslice they first responses to things visually, and mentally.

If you take the time to look at Paris's amazon collection, then take the time to get Malcom's books from amazon at the same time.

Not a designer, just someone that appreciates good design.

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