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Socially responsible advertising

The other day I saw this window sticker for mentos that I really liked. Besides delivering a clear message about the product benefit it also did a good job at suggesting to quit smoking. There are so many things we need to educate the general public about. Companies are spending billions of dollars to convince consumers that their brand is better than another similar one. Wouldn't it be great (and utopistic) to see that some of these companies would actually care to incorporate a socially responsible message into their communication? Those billions wouldn't be spent for just making people shift from brand A to brand B, but also make the world a little bit of a better place.

As I already mentioned the Benetton campaign is one of my favorites because it directs attention to issues that need to be dealt with on a public level, such as racism, wars, AIDS and third world problems. After Oliviero Toscani, the main figure behind the Benetton campaigns, left the pullover company, Benetton stopped the highly successful strategy that brought Benetton to the circle of ultra famous brands. I'm hoping that there will be other companies stepping into the footsteps of Toscani.

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Wrigleys gum wrapper says something like: "Keep your country tidy", does that count? ;)

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