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Why I don't review the Q

As anyone who has visited for the last month or so has probably figured out, I try to post tips regarding Adobe InDesign as often as possible, and rarely even mention the "Q" word.

The reasons are simple. First off, Quark XPress and Adobe InDesign are both tools for designers/artists. As with anything, there is always a learning curve. However, Quark has been around for many years, and to be blunt, the application hasn't changed much since version 3 (about 10 years). Quark has added web export features, but I'm fairly certain that print designers, Quark's main target market, have no interest in using these tools. Other than that, there is nothing new to say about it.

On the other side of the coin, InDesign is still in its infancy, even though I believe the tools ID offers are much richer and more useful than Quark's offerings. There are a lot of features built into ID, and many are "hidden features" that aren't obvious when browsing through menus and palettes.

Until recently, Adobe InDesign hasn't gathered the market share it deserves. But sometime early this year, major publishing houses and advertising agencies finally made the plunge. Many of these stories can be found on Adobe's web site or in trade pubs. The one underlying theme in all of them is "we'll never go back."

I don't mean to get into a feature vs. feature argument with anyone, but I believe that InDesign is the future of desktop publishing. And while I believe Quark is still just as good of a tool as it has always been, it's just not moving into the future the way Adobe is with InDesign. I also believe that Quark's days are numbered, much the same way Pagemaker's days were numbered when Quark 3 was released... it took several years, but eventually, Pagemaker just died a quiet death in the publishing industry.

In conclusion, if you have a specific topic you would like covered when using Quark, please feel free to mention it in the forums and we will see how we can help. But don't feel like we are purposely ignoring Quark, it's just that I believe that there really isn't much to tell you about Quark that you can't figure out in 5 minutes looking through the menus & palettes.

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I personally loved Quark, but since I started using InDesign I have the feeling, as you said, that I would never go back!

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I stopped using it entirely about a year ago. Before that I was tied to it because InDesign sucked on OS 9, so once my computer got upgraded at work it was onward and upward with InDesign. I use Quark when I have to open old documents, but aside from that I'll never use it again as my primary layout program.

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My sentiments exactly. Pre-OS X Quark outperformed anything that ID was doing at the time. And as THE only usable layout application that did work well on the Mac, Quark, along with Adobe Photoshop, made Apple what we love to use to today. So, yes, it is with some sad thoughts that we will be saying goodbye to Quark some day in the not-so-distant future. But as they say, "We couldn't have done it without them."

XPress was a revolutionary application and it did for page layout what Photoshop did for image editing.

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Dear Secretary J. Kenneth Blackwell!
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Pompo's picture

I agree the "Q" is dead!!!

The only positive thing I see when I switch to it and open some old docs
is Speed!

Indesign is support......transparencies......I love that :0 never go back either (hopefully!)

Anonymous's picture

I was an avid Quark user years ago, but InDesign has well surpassed Quark. No plans on going back for me either!!

mayhemstudios's picture

I have totally switch over to InDesign. I can work so much faster and be more productive. In Quark, it takes me 4-5 steps what I can in InDesign in 1-2 steps.

Recently, I had to drop in new material for a yearly 44 page ad book. So I had to use Quark. It totally slowed me down and I just could not do certain things. I could not shuffle any pages correctly. I had to manually move pages when they belonged. What a pain moving 44 pages.

Once you switch over to InDesign, it's very hard to go back to something that is inferior.

If I was president, all designers would have to use ID and Quark would be gone. ;)

Terry Thornhill's picture

It happens almost daily... I get to repeat the phrase, "I'm sorry, We quit supporting Quark when they lagged 2 years behind the current operating system."

Good riddance to Quark.

Jim's picture

I haven't yet run into anyone who wouldn't accept Quark files anymore... however, many printers I run into will only take Quark 4 files. Well, that isn't possible if you use Quark 6 on a new Mac. Not only that, but even if I did want to bother saving down my files in Quark 5, I lose all th4e features of 6 like multiple page sizes, etc...

Quark is simply too much work anymore.

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