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Phat Kat Creative Business Card

A business card and logo for a designer right out of school. This is just the black & white copy.

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Might be worth getting a non-gmail email address...

aside from that, the logo on the reverse of the card seems faded out in comparison to the rest of the info - might look better if it was the same darkness? I might also swap round the phone number and "Graphic Designer" as it seems slightly out of place. I like the style with the lines tho.

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I would like to have a real email address one day, once i get my legit website up and running.

The logo on the front of my card will be manually stamped on the card, in a green and blue ink. And thank you!

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if you own the domain (i asume you do since its on the card) why cant you have an email address associated with it?

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I like it so much I'm calling you right now to discuss it.

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Haha, alright!

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Though it looks hand lettered (and whether it was or not is irrelevant) the kerning and leading need a lot of consideration here. I agree with lesadmick, you have a full domain, I'm assuming with that email hosting is something that comes with a package. Using it will up the professionalism in a very simple manner.

I'd suggest using another synonym for creative in the bottom right as well given illustration (right above it) can widely be considered creative and if it wasn't, it's part of the phat kat business moniker.

Aside from that I do like the style and presentation, so good job :)

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Thank you, i didn't consider the leading and kerning right away, i will have to pay more attention to that! Thanks for the input!

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Love it. Also love the French Speckletone -- my favorite paper. The whole thing has a nice Hatch Show feeling to it.


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Thank you! Im a sucker for nice paper, especially if it's not the norm of just plain white!

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I like but I feel you made a mistake the logo should be printed on portrait bc view

yes I'm brazilian xD

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I will definitely try that out to see hoe it looks! Thanks for the input!

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