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Copy layer styles

Here is a handy time saving tip I found very useful within my own work flow. Many times when I am working I create elements all on separate layers. Well then I decide much later on that I want to apply a style to those layers. Normally, you may just recreate the effect over and over again on each layer individually. What if you have 20 layers with 4 or 5 layer effects?! Thats more work than what I am up for. Fortunately Photoshop has an easy way to apply a style to multiple layers all at once.

First link all the layers that you want to effect. Then select from the menu Layer/ Layer Styles/ Copy Layer Style. Then go back to the same menu and select Layer/ Layer Styles/ Paste Layer Style to Linked.

You can also access these functions by CTRL-Clicking the layer itself. Now all your layers have the same effects applied to them in a mater of seconds.

Thanks Mark Aplet for the tip.

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You do mean Copy Layer Styles, right?

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yes :) fixed it.

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You can also selectively copy layer styles one at a time by first clicking the little triangle on a layer with layer styles applied - which will show you a list of styles you have applied to the layer. Then click and drag the particular layer style you want to copy and drop it on top of the new layer you want to apply it to.

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