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Flip through your font collection

Often when I am searching for that perfect font for a logo I will try hundreds of font faces. I used to change them one by one in the font pallet. However you can speed things up a bit if you just put your mouse in the font drop down box to select it and use the up and down arrow keys to tab through all your fonts. It makes quick work of the task and you can even find a few fonts that you never would have tried otherwise.

Thanks for the great tip Mark!

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That tip is generally true of any variable entry field in Photoshop tool widows and palettes, brushes, styles etc.

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If I'm not mistaken, this tip works in ALL Adobe apps, not just Photoshop. I often use it in Adobe InDesign for selecting fonts, pt sizes, leading, kerning, etc...

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Dang it. I was the first anonymous comment and did not write post #3. I hate anonymous. Maybe I'll have to register... ;o)

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Please do register. It takes a second and you can use the same account on all the 10 million blogs on the net. Also, your browser remembers your identity, so you won't need to fill up the form every time. Just comment. It's nice to know who is commenting.

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In Windows, you can also just click in the field once, and use the wheel to scroll through them all.

BTW, any way to get white on black text for IE/Win for comments?

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Yes. If you register, you can just choose the light theme and you'll only see the light theme for the whole site from than on.

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Sweet, thanks :D

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Being very proficient in mot adobe apps, i use this all the time... HOWEVER, in illustrator cs2 nothing seems to work. wth? Can someone please shed a little light on this for me? Much appreciated- thx-

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