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Free Facebook profile picture Photoshop template

facebook profile page avatar

This is Photoshop template file I created that helps you create a large profile image for your Facebook profile page. Facebook will crop this image to generate your avatar from it. The guidelines and mask in the file will help you position the part of the image that you want as a small avatar within your image. I also included a small header that you can use if you want to continue the blue bar of Facebook within your profile image, but unfortunately because the images show up slightly differently in different browsers this part of your image may not align perfectly every time.

AotW Facebook page

See the Ads of the World Facebook Page as an example. Notice how the globe becomes the avatar.

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Pretty nice. Unusual ratio for a photo though, I'll try it out later :)

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I also had framed my 'Avatar part' but on top and also tried FB profile art on my personal ....check it out ;)

- -

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Helpful, but it won't work on Macs!
I am not Steve Ballmer pretending not to be me!

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I got it to work on my (pages) portion of FaceBook.
And I am on a Mac.
Love this!
May use as a banner ad/advatar from time to time.
Check it out.

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The logo is in the wrong place. You have to move to the designated area.

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That was part of the design.
Part in and part out of the area.

Overall banner design would not look as good with small logo in designated area.

Love the article. Will look for more ways to add personal touches in FaceBook hopefully in the future.

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Thanks for the Template! Does anyone know how to apply a a custom layout to a facebook page? I've knocked one up but don't know had to add it. I've seen them done so it is possible.
Thanks Again.

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I have answered my own question with regards to FBML, but my logo seems well lackluster
is there any way to make it appear better? Thanks again!

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Thanks for the template it worked great! Check it out.!/pages/The-Graphics-Co/127835650592649

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