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High Pass Sharpening

As with most things in Photoshop, there are several ways to sharpen an image. One of my favorite ways is by using the High Pass filter:

1. Duplicate the layer you want to sharpen.
2. Go to Filter>Other>High Pass
3. Enter a radius of 1-10, click OK
4. On your layers palette, set the blending mode to Hard Light
5. Drop the layer opacity until you find the strength you like

I like this method because I can control it more. Also, it's not destructive since you can easily delete the duplicate layer you made. Hope this is useful for you!

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I would have never thought of using this method to sharpen up my photos up until now. This is quick and works great! Thanks for the tip!

| RYAN |

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you can do basically the same thing using these steps:

1) convert the layer you want to sharpen to a smart object
2) apply a smart sharpen
3) tweak the settings

because it's a smart object the filter will be non-destructive AND you can edit the filter settings after the fact by double clicking on the drop down filter in the layers panel.

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never tried that one before, there's something a little different about it, and it works well, so thanks for letting us know.

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Thank you, this certainly helps me with my work.

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Not bad!

I use Unsharp Mask:

1. 75%, 3, 2


2. 50%, 2, 1

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