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Pick up the average color

Eyedropper toolI've touched on one of the special features of the Eyedropper tool before. BTW it's easy to remember the tool shortcut for the Eyedropper: it's "i" as "eye".

Sometimes when you have a bitmap image, the individual pixels that make up the color of a surface can be very different from each other, especially if the image is noisy. In these cases when you want to pick a color from the surface, you might end up with a much lighter or darker color than the average surface color. In this case Press CTRL when clicking the area for your sampling to pick a little square of 3x3 or 5x5 pixels instead of just one particular pixel. This way the picked color will truly reflect the overall feel of the color of the surface.

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I always use the 5by5 since you want to pick up what the human eye picks up and there is no way the human eye will pick-up a sing pixell at a time.

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Darn, I thought I was clever for having conceived this box-average color idea in my head.

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Be aware that setting to anything else than the point sample will influence the behaviour of the magic wand.

More info in relationship between eyedropper and magic wand

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