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Take Action!

PS Action SamplePhotoshop Actions are a designer's secret weapon. Actions can make your life much easier. Actions are your friend!

This isn't a tip, a trick or a hint. I'm not going to go into how to create your own actions - something that would take far too much space on this page. Instead, I'll simply point you to a site that has several INCREDIBLE actions pre-built and ready for you to use.

You can download them all here.

Here's an example of what you'll find. The top image is your original. One click later, you can have the bottom image. There are a few dozen actions on the site, and all produce spectacular results. As you will see, many really aren't useful in the "real world" - but if you view the action in your PS actions palette, you will see how the actions were made, and thus, learn something you may not have known you could do.


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If one wants to learn everything about actions, there is an excellent and complete (300 pages) reference by Danny Raphael available at: atn central.comPS all ressemblance to someone living... ;)

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I haven't read the 300 pages, but I endured seizures looking at the site you linked to in order to see all the action files he has available for download. Most of the ones I saw were very bad, or completely useless. I'm sure there were some good ones, but the background of the web pages was seriously giving me headaches.

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Save PSD layers as separate images in PDF?
Is there an action where I can save
each layer in a PSD image to a large PDF
file where each layer is an image?

Like a quick catalog.

I've looked on the adobe share site..but no luck


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Thanks for the link sPECtre. The document has a lot of great tips but it's a very hard read.

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I like Actions for workflow, they're great for batch processing files. But I never found much use for them when I work directly with the image. Maybe there's something I'm missing. Maybe it's what I work on, I mostly do photo retouching and there's not much you can automate except file conversions. I love dragging 150 .CRW files onto a droplet, and sitting back while spits out resized, adjusted jpegs.

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what's CRW?

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.CRW = Camera Raw.

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