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Using Digimarc for Copyright Protection in Photoshop

Adapted from Get Your Photography on the Web (Peachpit Press)

By Rafael Concepcion

I can’t tell you how many people would rather place an annoying graphic watermark on their image and deface it instead of investing a little bit in industrial strength protection. Digimarc is absolutely great for adding barely noticeable watermarks to your images. Combine that with the ability to comb the Internet to find who’s using your images, and you have a rock solid strategy to go after the bad guys!

Step One
Start by going to the Digimarc website to take a look at what option suits you best. At the time of this writing, the Basic edition of Digimarc for Images is priced at $49.00 and the Professional edition is $99.00. I’m a fan of the Professional edition because of their search service

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