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Zoom in and out with your scroll wheel in Photoshop

zoom iconMost people use the Apple (Cmd) key with "+" and "-" to zoom in and out within a Photoshop document.

If you don't want to let go of your mouse, alternatively you can simply press the Alt (Option) key and scroll up and down with the scroll wheel on your mouse.

To make sure that you get even zoom ratios, such as 25%, 50%, 100%, 200%, etc you should keep the Shift pressed as well.

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That's true, but don't forget to mention Adobe's totally inconsistent use of this feature - confusion follows:

  1. Alt/Command + Scroll up is zoom out in PS;
  2. Alt/Command + Scroll down is zoom in in PS;
  3. Alt/Command + Scroll up is zoom in in Illustrator;
  4. Alt/Command + Scroll down is zoom out in Illustrator;
  5. Alt/Command + Scroll up/down is sideways scroll in InDesign;
  6. CRTL + Scroll up is zoom out in InDesign;
  7. CTRL + Scroll down is zoom in in InDesign;

and it's really frustrating, because you usually work with multiple Adobe apps at a time, and you always just keep mixing them up.


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Yeah that's quite true...and when you are at really high zoom rate it doesn't work well at all, specially in Illustrator CS2

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When zooming in and out, InDesign uses your cursor location as the point to zoom to. For example, if your cursor is in the top right of your document when you zoom in, it will zoom closer to the top right, etc.

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I didn't notice that. Thanks Jim!

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When i zoom out in Photoshop the location point seems -quiet inconsequentely -to jump to a location somewehere in the center of the canvas. Bevore it never did this... its a big question what preference or whatever is (or i ) changed...
somebody a hint?

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