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Portfolio question

This may sound like I'm joking - but I'm serious...

How do you folks exhibit your portfolio these days? Do you bring an old school book with the actual printed pieces - or do you bring a computer or a tablet or something and show it that way? Or some other manner? Just curious...

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I have the obvious website so that takes care of things digitally and I have my print work that I bring to interviews. Depends on your type of work obviously so if you have web work you're proud of a tablet just makes sense, mine can all be displayed through my website however since I don't have a huge portfolio built where I get to have 2 entirely different strong ones to "wow" people with.

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yeah. depends on what im being called in to do and the nature of the client. its RARE these days that i bring in anything. about 3 times a year, i'll bring in a handful of printed pieces. but even those can be seen to some degree on my website. so unless there is value in the physical interaction with the piece, its mostly online. and they usually have viewed it prior to my getting there. the "meeting" is just for budgeting or concepting

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I'm like you, WG - clients usually hire me based on a referral or reputation so I can't remember the last time the portfolio came out (quite awhile based on what I see in there). I need to get both acts together - the portfolio and my website. The reason I ask is someone is waving a sweet 9 to 5 job in my face and I feel like I should at least go thru the interview process to see what's up and if nothing else get a bearing on where I stand in today's market.

Thanks for the input, guys.

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