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Poster Design

I still need to give the girl a suit or shirt. i'm not sure if i can pull off a cosplay design. i replaced the sunglasses with glasses. I might have to change the eyes to give the girl a happy expression. i'm not sure if the info/details is in a good place.

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Not sure about the eyes - but you're still heading in the right direction imo. The right side edge is looking a little wonky - need to clean that up and the top bubble is a little overpowering now. Don't stop - keep improving.

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why on earth did you square the sides of the speech bubble?!?!??!?!
thats just horrid. : (

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Good work getting rid of that boring black info box at the bottom! This is moving right along in the right direction.

Two major criticisms I have are:

1. The bubble and the line "Is Toronto ready..." are working against you. There is no need to have your poster pose this question, unless it's a required part of your assignment.

2. The girl looks positively GRIM!! The reflection of Toronto in both her eyeglass lenses (now no longer sunglasses) looks like pooling tears. Her eyes are low-energy, droopy, just like her lifeless mouth.

Here's what I suggest for possible improvements:

1. Use one giant comic-book font like the one I posted earlier, and use it to say "TORONTO!" in HUGE letters (all caps, maybe purple with a gold border) in an arc at the top of the poster. Same font, slightly smaller, say "COMIC ARTS" then a bit larger, perhaps in your green, below and to the right just a bit, "FESTIVAL" -- no quotation marks, though, obviously ;)

2. Give the girl some LIFE! Let her eyes and mouth go wide with wonder and happiness. Eyebrows will angle up over her nose in that expression. Check out comic books for how open mouths are rendered -- not too much detail, but relatively realistic. Take off her glasses -- or push them up on her head. You don't need the Toronto skyline because you've got that huge TORONTO there now.

3. Make the angular purple info patch and the accompanying white border about 25% larger.

I like the white edge going up the right side -- makes the poster look more like a Hatch Show Print (Google it -- you'll love what you find. Also, I really love your palette. Great colors. If you want to keep the odd-numbered purple hits, you could keep the girl's eyeglasses on her face, but make the frames purple. Or you could make her eyes purple.

Still think the lightning bolts look tiny and random, ditto the stars. I would make more of the stars and lose the bolts.


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