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The Basics of Colors and Profiles

In the link below is an informative detailed explanation of the basics of colors and profiles.

If you ever sent a job to press and at one point or another said: "Why did these cards turn out so bad? They looked looked great on my monitor" then this is a must read.

Hope this is informative and let me know if it helped anyone!

Look out next week for "Resolution Issues in Printing"


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I found it informative, thanks. Unfortunately at my school they don't teach much beyond design, like the whole printing process.

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Yes that is correct most design school neglect to teach anything about prepress. I could be wrong but from what I have noticed working for a printer is that 75% of files submitted are incorrect, meaning alot of "designers" are unaware of prepress specs.

Design Schools should implement some sort of curriculum to address prepress.

Quick poll... Where did everybody learn their prepress skills? On the job? At school? On your own?

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Flashback to 1990...

During summer and winter breaks at college I got a job with a traditional prepress company to round out my design education. Watching old-school strippers create complicated burn lists to produce final film for press was invaluable experience. I also got experience making MatchPrint and Chromaline proofs before ending my tour of duty in the drum scanning and imaging department.

I continue to use that knowledge and it was one of the best decisions I ever made for my career because I saw first hand way things wouldn't work on press.

In 1993 when I graduated from college computers were just starting to make major inroads into prepress. Working for a publishing company a year later I used my background to create a full electronic prepress department where we were one of the first to jump onboard with direct-to-plate. It wasn't pretty at the start as the boss forced the switch too quickly but we somehow survived the trail by fire. I can still remember the 110-hour work weeks and trashing $50 metal plates to the tune of $12,000 a month.

To this day they haven't changed much with the prepress workflow other than switching from Postscript to PDF. Good printers take the time to teach valuable customers how to prepare files correctly.

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"Good printers take the time to teach valuable customers how to prepare files correctly."
Yep... Unfortunatly we have cheap printers... so they unable to explain ANYTHING, they just go crazy and blame us that we are "unqualified" designers...

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