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quickbooks, freshbooks, mobile invoicing, etc...

good day all. let's talk once again about your invoicing and expense management practices.

i have tried just about every invoicing and expense tracking tool out there. and have never found one im in love with. they are either TOO MUCH or TOO LITTLE or dont have mobile versions or charge a monthly fee etc...

so. let me ask you all the following:

if there was an iOS/android app that allowed you to:

1. create, manage and send invoices from your mobile device
2. allowed you to set up accounts, groups, categories, sub-categories more or less ANY WAY YOU WANT TO (i.e. not being forced to link every service to an account or "write checks" just to enter an expense, etc...)
3. create basic reports by kind, client, date, category, etc.
4. was very straightforward and intuitively designed (nearly no need for instructions)
5. was just as useful to a teenager mowing a few lawns as it would be to a small business
6. did not require a paid subscription. buy it and youre done.

would you be interested in such a thing?
and if so, what would you be willing to pay for it?

talk to me!

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Looks simple and intuitive. Personally, I don't have that problem - I track everything thru a database. Closing in on 20 years in the business - I've upgraded the software once. So $400 over 20 years (and counting)? $20 per year? Maybe $40 for your app?

Just a guess.

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