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Real-Time Gradient-Domain Painting

Looks very exciting. More info here.

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The last part looks like more like graphical sculpture then design.

Very interesting.

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After the first part of the video, I was expecting something amazing for the last part and I was a bit disappointed. But I guess there is no magic. You can either know how to sketch or not. No software can fix that.

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If it gets incorporated in to any of the Adobe Apps it'll take off, but I'm not sure that'd be a good thing. As is the case most of the time, it all depends upon whom has the software and what artistic talent they have.

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I would have to play with it quite a bit to find "every-day" use for it though. I mean, how often do you have to clone a roof-line or crack in the wall? Still, a very neat technology.

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Wow. I would use that a lot. I can't wait for that demo. I hope it is incorporated as a plugin into multiple graphic design programs, Pixelmator and any of the adobe applications... that would be great.

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