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Photoshop CS2 has been out for well over a year, and already people are speculating on CS3 (mostly for Intel compatibility). According to Adobe, it's scheduled to arrive in 2007 Q2, but until then, you can request features on Adobe's website. 2007 Q2 seems a bit unreal when you consider that Apple will be completely on Intel processors by then...

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I just requested this feature...what ya think?

It would be unreal that the drop down menu (and other panes like "hue-saturation) would "clear" the area below so it would not cover the image, in other words once the drop down menu opens up, the active only image below would be moved automatically just enough to be able to see it completely!

A la Expose'!!!

That feature could be set on the preferences since not everyone may like it.

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You will know fear...Then you will know pain.
Then you will use a Mac.

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You will know fear...Then you will know pain.
Then you will use a Mac.

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