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3D Android Phones

After the 3D cinemas and lately 3D tv's it was inevitable that 3D technology will arrive to the small screen.

Two new phones the LG Optimus and HTC Evo can already be preordered in 3D versions. They feature two cameras next to each other on the back, so they can capture 3D videos and pictures, which can later be viewed in 3D on the phone. This technology allows you to capture important moments of your life with even more reality than ever before.

The 3D effect doesn't require you to wear any glasses, because of a special screen technology that projects two different images to both of your eyes.

Besides your own media, you can watch films and play games in 3D too. The user interfaces of the phone are displayed in 3D as well.

So where does this leaves Apple? Will the upcoming iPhone 5 have a 3D screen? If so will the iTunes store start selling 3D movies? How about computer screens? Do you think Apple is planning 3D iMacs?

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We all know that Apple doesn't have 3D, so 3D is just a bad gimmick. Unless Apple decides to use 3D later, then it's a good idea and Apple invented 3D and everybody just copied them.

-Art D. Rector

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It's a sure sign a poster has lost the battle when they have to start inventing quotes from the other side. I will take the victory in the same humble and righteous manner I won it. Thank you, Mr. Coupon.

So far as Apple adding 3D to their iPhones (iPads, iPods, etc...) - I doubt they will claim to have invented it. No... they will merely perfect it and make it the new standard like they do with all their products. ;-)

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They don't need to claim anything. They just need their zombies to do it for them, like over on the other thread.

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As much as I appreciate your comments, I think the "zombies" name calling is not really a reasonable argument, it is just designed to hurt people. Let's cut such talk if possible.

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i cant think of a less useful feature.
sure hope they make the screen even more glossy so i can see even MORE of the room behind me reflected on my screen!

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Are we really moving in this direction in tech? As cool as a device it is, this type of feature isn't at all necessary for a handheld. Possibly* for a tablet, but I thought the original intent for phones was to be able to communicate with one another.

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3D on a phone is ultimately about as useful as chicken poop on a water pump handle. ;)

When they invent the phone that can project the person on the other end in 3D in mid-air, THEN it might be useful. And yes, I know they're working on adding projector features into phones (including the iPhone), but that's not the same.

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i dont understand why everything is going so ghetto-bling?
i really dont want kanye west and p-diddy dictating what my next phone looks like.

this glossy screen on laptops and tvs is already the fuck out of hand : (

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I think that 3d is not needed at the moment. it wastes too much battery.

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3D is great technology (although not much useful). I waiting for the 3d phones to come so I can buy one.

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