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The coolest iPad cases

The Apple smart cover is a great design, but it's not the only option iPad owners have, there are many other covers people can choose from. Some provide protection, others give a unique look and a few provide new functionality too. Check out this collection of different iPad covers. Click the images to visit the seller's page if interested to buy.


Leatherette case with Bluetooth keyboard designed to work with iPad and iPad2.


The most comfy iPad case.

CinemaSeat for iPad

Your iPad becomes the perfect in-car entertainment system with CinemaSeat.


BOOK for iPad is a hand made hard cover book jacket on the outside, with a sleeve tailored to the iPad on the inside.


The DODOcase Classic brings the signature style of the original DODOcase to the iPad 2 complete with an updated and tailored design.


The BookBook Case for iPad 2 is a handmade one-of-a-kind, hardback leather case that doubles as a fully adjustable stand. Along with its vintage looks, this case makes iPad feel as if you’re holding a real book, and in many ways you are holding a book.


Authentic look and beautiful materials.

Folio Light

This CrazyOnDigital iPad leather case features a textured light brown exterior leather with a unique stylish brown closing tab. The leather case provides complete protection for your Apple iPad tablet reading device. The case has flexible straps on each corner to secure Apple iPad device in the case. The straps look and feel sturdy.

Good Flock

Good Flock Wool iPad Case, handmade from virgin Pendleton wool and vegetable dyed leather. This woolen iPad case is surely a better alternative for mundane neoprene and rubber iPad cases.

Groove Bamboo

Exclusive cases made with natural materials, such as bamboo and leather.


iPad sleeve in tan suede and shearling fabric. This sleeve is slim and will fit Snugg around your device. You will love the soft plush feel around your favorite Tablet and want to carry it everywhere.


Ultra tough reinforced protective sleeve for your iPad.


Crystal Rocked produced the first Swarovski encrusted iPad 2 cases.

Water Wear

Waterproof iPad case.


iMaxi, the wildly risqué quilted-cotton sleeve created to make your device the talk of the town.

Many more similar designer cases can be found on Etsy.

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135 pencils

Hands down Typillow. My two favourite devices together?!

Bubble Bass's picture
2 pencils

After playing with the iPad for a week or so I already found apps that I can recommend and that will stay on my iPad for a long time, simply because I found that I both need and enjoy them . .

johngettler's picture
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Gotta give a shout out for my absolute favorite iPad accessory, the WedgePad.

Jframe2002's picture
94 pencils

I'm loving the CinemaSeat.

jeffrey21's picture
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Wow! I wish I have this one.

metaburn's picture
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dude, this are amazing! Where did you get all this pics from? I wished I had all of them :)

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These will work with the upcoming ZunePad too!
I am not Steve Ballmer pretending not to be me!

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My primary concern for the iPad was protection. If I drop it, which case will protect it. To this extent, the only case I found that felt truly protective is the Incase Convertible Book Cover. It works exceptionally well, but the grooves meant to prop the device up are not as good as they should be - at least in the case of the first gen iPad.


Craig Michael Patrick

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My Fav are the Book looking one and the tilt. Fresh and very Modernistic. Do you have any idea where one can get these online?

LOL the diaper looking one. Will any one take that seriously?

Yu Lopez
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