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iPhone 4S Photo Gallery

Check out this collection of impressive unretouched photographs provided by Apple taken with the iPhone 4S 8 megapixel camera. These images prove once again that it's not about the megapixels, it's all about the optics. Click images to see them in full size.

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iPhone 4S. S stands for "Simply amazing."

So the A5's graphics make the iPhone an greater competitor against handheld consoles.

Those stunning 8 megapixels will make it an even greater threat to point and shoot cameras.

The amazing 1080p with auto-stabilization will make it a serious competitor against low-end video cameras.

And I think its already the best phone out there.

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Yeah, lovely photos :)
It was funny cause they showed the squirrel in the official presentation as an example of what it could do. CNET joked about it, saying 'oh yeah it's so easy to get up close with a squirrel and let it stand still while you take a photo'. But none the less, it's camera would be it's biggest selling point for me.

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well about the squirrels.. it could be a museum exhibit... or a weird taxidermy store...'s picture
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As long as people don't @$%# them up with Instagram!

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All I can say is thank god I passed on becoming a photographer. 10 years ago these would have been considered quality photos for agency work.

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I work in a photolab right now, you'd be safe. Just because good camera's exist for the general public does not mean the general public takes good photos. Composition, lighting and colour are advanced enough techniques that even a simple photography course won't teach you.

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nice pics thanks for the post given for us.

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there are a plenty of regular pictures comparisons between 4 and 4S here:

yes I'm brazilian xD

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Great link. Clearly the 4S has a much better camera.

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Sweet qwerty - thanks.

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The 4S does have a much a better camera. In fact, I've seen a number of uploads be accepted at stock sites using the 4S, which is amazing one is able to take such a high-res picture and sell it using a phone.

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