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Simulate Overprint in InDesign

hello all. i just ran across the site in my search for the appropriate forum to ask this question. still not sure if this is the place, but we'll see... i have a business card layout that i'm trying to get a decent proof of and thus far have been unsuccessful. the main hurdle is a background pattern i've set to overprint that doesn't want to export or print properly. i've read a bit about "simulate overprint," and that seems to be what i need to do, but the check box is greyed out in my export PDF dialog box. anyone know why this would be or how to get that box to be active?

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In InDesign, choose View>Overprint Preview. This will show a more accurate version of what will print and how.

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yeah, i know about that trick... i'm talking about exporting a PDF... i ended up finding a different workaround which i think will work for the time being, but thanks anyway!

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You could change the object transparency to mulitply.

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Why do you want your background to overprint? Normally objects on top of backgrounds are what overprint... :)

However, you can create the object in Illustrator and set it to "Overprint" in Attributes; that should do it.

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Hey Nat, I wonder how this could become a solution for me with a layout I have in Indesign. I want a brown build (text) to overprint a blue build (a plain solid) so it will look crisp, without forcing the reverse to happen in another area of the design where the same blue needs to partly overprint a Photoshop (.tif) image that has a lot of browns in it. Because I needed to give the blue text that overlaps the brown .tif image a bit of a drop shadow, I did the text in Photoshop rather than in InDesign. The brown text that should overprint the plain blue background is presently an InDesign element.

I'm new at InDesign and still trying to get the hang of it. I'm also new with the whole CS3 package (recently upgraded from CS). If I did my brown text in Illustrator (.eps), wouldn't I have a problem knocking out the white background? IIRC, Illustrator doesn't allow for transparent whites. The text is too small (12 pt) for a clipping path to be a practical solution.

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You can select objects, I believe in Attributes, to overprint independent of whatever color they are. Of course white when overprinted disappears. I learned this one the hard way with an accidental overprint in an Illustrator file I was given once...

You're going to love this great vid on overprinting!

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Just in case people still Google this and there is still no good answer, here is how you lock in that Overprint Preview when exporting a PDF from InDesign:

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