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Some 3D Text & Logo Effects and 3D Animation.

Hi, everybody. I have a software, can design some 3D Text & Logo. But I feel my software need to improve many things, because not many people to use it.
This is some 3D graphic that made of this software, Please give me some suggestions.
I hope I can provide a easy tools for every graphic designers.

3D Animation Video:

creative.jpg31.8 KB
3dlogo24.png73.02 KB
3dlogo23.png101.57 KB
3dlogo22.png92.51 KB
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3dlogo20.png131.79 KB

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The 3D Tools is: Aurora3DMaker and Aurora3DAnimation.

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The rendering process leaves the shapes pixelated and sharp still. The text "effects" also don't blow anyone out of the water. Quite a few can be done by someone moderately skilled at photoshop and illustrator.

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Yes, I hope I can do it better in the future. Thank you very much. My purpose is let somebody who haven't good skilled on photoshop or illustrator can make this effects. and I think Photoshop or illustrator are expensive for a lot of people.

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