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EdgeCase for multi-monitor setups

You love your double monitor setup, but you have losing the cursor to the other monitor? Here is a great app that solves your problem: EdgeCase.

The app by default stops your cursor at the edges, but you have several ways to cross if you want to: bounce movement on the edge, wait half second after crossing or simply press the Apple (command) key.

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i dont get it...

put your hot-corners in an absolute corner.
the menu and dock are only on one monitor.

anyone this dumb, shouldnt be allowed to use a computer : (

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I use the top right as my "All Windows Exposé" hotcorner. But every time I would try to flick the mouse to the top right, it would instead fall into the laptop screen I keep to my right of my main display.
That's why I built EdgeCase. Having that secondary display to the right was killing my productivity. I could never activate Exposé, now I hit it every single time. So it does work very well if you are a frequent hotcorner user.

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