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Fraction to Decimal Chart Download from CB!

If I had a Dime for every time I said or heard "it was only off a fraction of an inch. Unfortunately, having your ad drawn at a fraction of an inch off can end up causing you to eat a $5,000 ad for you client!

I've had this handy fraction to decimal conversion chart on my desk for MANY years. It won't save you from a colossal advertising blunder, but it's somewhat useful to have around. Recently given a facelift, it's ready for you to download... just click the preview image below to download the PDF.

Decimal Chart PDF

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Becides having a handy chart next to your desk you can quickly do the math on a calculator. on in your head if you a geek :)

divide the first number by the second number. It's that easy.

1/4 of an inch
1 divided by 4 equals .25

3/16 of an inch
3 divided by 16 equals .187

Thanks for chart too. That's handy to print out and keep next to your desk.

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I created a similar chart for my students to use to convert between Picas and Points in InDesign and Decimal Picas in Photoshop:

xp0 x.0
xp3 x.25
xp6 x.5

And so on. I used Excel to make it and, yes, I filled in the hard ones, like xp7, too. :)

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I meant to post this when this article was fresh, but I forgot.

Here's another handy thing for us stupid Americans. Often we see the Brits, Europeans in general, and others talking about paper sizes that use the international ISO know, A4, A2, etc. I, for one, don't have these sizes memorized and always have to refer to the following website:

International ISO standard paper sizesThis system makes a lot of sense, for efficiency and paper conservation, but like all things metric, we stubborn Seppos just won't jump on the bandwagon.

Hope you guys find it useful, as I have.

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The chart is incomplete. There is more and valuble info that is left out. Any chance you can provide us the "entire" printable version, as the bottom 1/3 of the icon view of the page will not display?

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There's nothing wrong with the chart. You have to click the graphic in the post above to download the full PDF. If it's getting cut off for you, then you most likely have a bad connection to the net and it's corrupting the file. Please try downloading it again.

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