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Gmail has contact export

You can quickly export your Gmail Contacts list into a CSV file. Here's how:

  1. Log in to your Gmail account.
  2. Click 'Contacts' along the left side of any Gmail page.
  3. Click 'Export' in the upper-right corner of your Contacts list.
  4. Select the format in which you'd like to export your contacts' information.
    • Gmail CSV (for import into another Gmail account): formats your contacts' information so you can easily import it into another Gmail account.
      • This option encodes your CSV file in Unicode/UTF-8.
    • Outlook CSV (for import into Outlook clients, including Outlook Express): formats your contacts' information so you can easily import it into various versions of Microsoft Outlook.
      • This option encodes your CSV file based on your language preferences, since Outlook doesn't accept Unicode files. When you import your contacts into Outlook, some entries may become garbled if they contain characters that aren't part of your language's character set.
  5. Click 'Export Contacts.'
  6. Select a location to save your file, and click 'OK.'

Depending on the requirements of the program to which you're importing your contacts, you can easily edit the Gmail CSV to fit your needs.

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500 pencils

Thanks for this Ivan.

I still long for a way of holding all my contacts in one place across all the different accoounts and apps that I use day to day. It would be great if; gmail (web), dotmac (Mail home) and work (entourage work) all had a central repository for my contacts.

Then I wouldn't have to export my contacts as CSV files, they would already be sync'd up :)


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