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Livesurface brings your design alive

Check out livesurface an image library of a special kind. It offers background images that you can use to present your designs effectively in situ. Each image is masked out for easy manipulation.

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A good idea, although a lot of them look so 'American' I don't think I'll be using them here in the UK.

Would be nice to have a more stylish option especially as it's clearly aimed at designers.

Creative Director and Founder of fu•gu

Graphic Designer and Founder of fu•gu

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Why pay for something that you can do yourself in less than 10 seconds in Photoshop?
This thing seems to have only two effects: jacking up the cost to the client, and dumbing down the abilities of the designer.

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Really? Take the photograph, path out the surfaces cleanly, put the artwork in true perspective with shadows and effects layers? Try 30 minutes at least. I've been there. Have you ever build one of these?

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