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The Mobile Playbook — Mobile Changes Everything

Google released a really useful document that aims to help organisations figure out how to win in the mobile space. Here is what they write:

Over the past year at Google, we’ve had the chance to discuss the mobile revolution with hundreds of marketers, and the same theme consistently emerges from these conversations: for the majority of businesses we speak with, the question is no longer “Why should I invest in mobile?” —we’ve all read statistics about the tremendous adoption of mobile and tablet devices—but “How should I invest in mobile?” We created this Mobile Playbook in order to help you find answers. Every company is different, but similar questions emerged from those hundreds of meetings. We’ve distilled them down here into the five crucial mobile questions that every business executive should be asking today. We also suggest strategies you can employ to answer each of them: benchmarking the competition, understanding how your customer is using mobile through focus groups and surveys, setting aside budget to learn and iterate, talking to your agency partners, and securing the internal resources to get the work done and the conclusions implemented.

Our goal is to help companies at all levels of mobile sophistication and experience to adopt the concrete mobile strategies that can help you win—and we don’t just mean, “win in mobile.” This space isn’t a sandbox anymore; the mobile revolution is sailing ahead at full steam, and your customers are on board. Embracing mobile can help you win the moments that matter, make better decisions, and go bigger, faster, but you’ve got to start somewhere. At Google, we believe that your success in mobile will determine the future of your business. Let’s make 2012 the year you make sure that future is a bright one.

Read further on the The Mobile Playbook site.

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