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Upload your logos on Brands of the World

Dear designer friends! Everybody knows Brands of the World (BotW), which is the largest collection with more than 160,000 vector logos available as free downloads. BotW is the most visited such site with more than 30 million page loads per month.

While the collection is large it's not complete, therefore I would like to ask for your help to upload your logos or logos that aren't yours but have it available in vector format.

What's in it for you?

  • You can put your name with the logo as a creator or uploader
  • You can link in the description your business and generate work for yourself
  • Such links raise your Google Pagerank within the design and branding verticals, because BotW has a good position with Google in these subject
  • Your logo will appear correctly both in shape and color on your clients jobs and they won't bug you to get the logo right

What's in it for your client?

  • In the URL field you can put your clients web address generating traffic and pagerank for him
  • You can make sure everybody uses the correct logo you designed (and won't be trying to vectorize a jpeg copied form a Word file — the horror!)

What's in it for your designer fellows?

  • It will help them find logos they need for they work quickly saving them hours of emailing and calling people
  • They won't be forced to vectorize a logo from jpeg, which is one of the most unpleasant things a designer has to do in his career

What do you need for the upload?

  1. Company name
  2. Vector logo with fonts converted to curves in eps format (CS or lower, this is what both Illustrator and Corel can open)
  3. Optionally: A .gif image of 200x200px with 5-10px white space around it. (if not uploaded the image will still be created from the vector file)
  4. Optionally: description, URL of the company, category, name of the author and uploader
  5. Thank you very much for your kind contribution and let me know if you need any help with anything!

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69 pencils

I uploaded 3 without thumbnails. Hope it's ok!

Ivan's picture

No problem, the thumbs will be manually created from the vectors.

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5 pencils

Magyar nyelven kiteszed majd valahova ezt a cikket?

Ivan's picture

Translation: Anim asked if the article is available in Hungarian.

lwilliamsworks's picture
20 pencils

Great creative resource, Ivan. Thanks. A master list of sites like this sure would be fantastic!

Ivan's picture

There is a master list of such sites here:
I think it's the best collection out there.

manouche132's picture
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Sorry to say that, but I'm not sure to agree with you.

As french graphic designer, I don't want all of my logotype, to be upload on the web. In france we have "session de droit", whitch mean you have a contract with your client about the distribution of the logotype in the time.

For exemple, 2 week ago we signed a contract with one client, allowing him to give the logotype during 2 years. After that we must see with him le look of the logotype, and make a new contract.
Imagine a printer, uploading this logotype on botW, I'm not sure to agree…

sorry for my english

Ivan's picture

If it's against your contract you should NOT upload the logo on BotW.

Also, if you find your logo on the site and it hurts your business, you can get it removed. It's all about helping designers, so whenever it's a problem, we make sure to fix it for you.

creativemurf's picture
162 pencils

If you don't mind me asking. What exactly is your association with BOTW?

Ivan's picture

I'm the new admin since a few month.

Elieson's picture
4 pencils

I'm uploading my logo to a massive collection of other logos, and people can just search and download/use my logo without informing me or the people that use them. Isn't that making it really easy for people to just snag pretty logos?

Ivan's picture

It's not allowed by people to download your logo and use it as their own. When you download any logo you have to agree to rules (read below), which in short means you have the permission to use the logo. For example you do a poster for a concert and there are 30 sponsor logos on the bottom that you need to put in vector to get good quality.

If somebody steals a logo it's a crime against intellectual property regardless of the source. Whether he's downloading a jpeg from Google images, making a screenshoot on the company's website or downloading a vector from BotW it's the same crime.

The above logo design and the artwork you are about to download is the intellectual property of the copyright and/or trademark holder and is offered to you as a convenience for lawful use with proper permission from the copyright and/or trademark holder only. You hereby agree that you agree to the Terms of Use and that the artwork you download will be used for non-commercial use without infringing on the rights of the copyright and/or trademark holder and in compliance with the DMCA act of 1998. Before you use or reproduce this artwork in any manner, you agree to obtain the express permission of the copyright and/or trademark holder. Failure to obtain such permission is a violation of international copyright and trademark laws subject to specific financial and criminal penalties.

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50 pencils

Its a great promotional site to further your brand name as well to get your business out there. It can also aid in learning how to do specific effects that some designs have.

I have used the site before and found it beneficial. Will upload my businesses logo sometime in the near future as well.

steveballmer's picture
653 pencils

Upload proprietary stuff for anyone to see!
I am not Steve Ballmer pretending not to be me!

gwells's picture
1707 pencils


yah, it's really scary when people get to see your logo! wouldn't want that!

Ivan's picture

Brand New calls BotW humbly the "Best Web Site of the World" :)

creativemurf's picture
162 pencils

If you read the article that is the resulting page of the link provided in the last post
It is written "The new logo isn’t really that great but..."
Ivan are you gonna take that? I would ask whoever wrote that to reconsider their wording. :-)

Ivan's picture

It's the not the greatest idea ever. But I had to make it consistent with Ads of the World logo which had a history with the globe replacing the "o". Eventually I can take these brands further. But I like evolution in branding, not revolution. :)

9818331007's picture
2 pencils

Ivan, I want 2 design a logo 'Euphoria' Events-Creative & Production. Ivan actually I am confused what to do. I wanna 2 create this logo for myself. Ivan actually I am a Graphic Designer + Event Designer. I am doing 2d Designing & 3d Designing also. I create exhibition stall for my client in 3D & Design pannel in 2D software. This name is suggested by my religion. Now plz help me if u can & suggest me what kind of logo I have 2 create.

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We can't do the work for you... Do your ideas and we can help you criticize them.

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