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Top Ten Reasons Why Flash Sucks. . .

by Marc Zeedar, Macopninon.

"Flash used to be an anomaly, an occasional technology used when traditional HTML just wasn't enough. But lately I've been running into more and more websites that use Flash indiscriminately, often for things -- like plain old text -- that don't require animation. This is frustrating and stupid.

While it's true HTML isn't all-powerful and technology like Flash can be useful if used judiciously, HTML is much more universal. Flash should only be used when absolutely necessary. And of course it should always be an option, not the only way to view a website.

This got me thinking about why I find Flash so annoying and frustrating. The following are my top ten reasons for why Flash sucks. Agree? Disagree? That's what Comments are for!"

I don't know, I'm on a roll today with critiques! lol

"Try not, Do! or do not, there is no try."

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Flash is a great tool if it's used well, but this all comes back to the founding principles of design; It's only complete when you can take nothing else away.

Flash can be incredibly useful if used well and in small quantities within a website, however it's not a tool that is good at designing websites.
In a lot of cases it's simply used as an easy way out for lazy designers who could achieve the exact same thing by using HTML and AJAX.

The old saying "A bad workman always blames his tools" is relevant here.
A carpenter can craft a work of art with the right training from even the most rudimentary of tools, but if he is poorly trained not even the latest electric automated carving chisel can make up for a lack of understanding of his craft.

The key to web design, hell, the key to any successful design is accessibility and when you over-complicate the foundations of that design, you immediately alienate half your potential audience.

Flash in my opinion shouldn't even be an option when you visit a website, you have one site, not two version with an enhanced site for those who do or can run Flash. Offering a bells and whistles enhanced version for those people with the correct version of software is tantamount to discrimination.
Flash elements should be included in websites, but they should only load dynamically if they are supported, if they are not, then the lack of Flash elements must not detract from the overall site and all of this should be transparent to the user so that they do not even know that they are missing out on anything.

Most of the so called 'benefits' of Flash are anything but, it's simply over-baked eye-candy that is in no way relevant to the content of the vast majority of the web and almost all of the benefits could be achieved with other means for around 90% of Flash using websites.

Flash is a great tool, but unless you understand the principles of design then it becomes the equivalent of a loaded gun being wielded by a child.

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But I think that's his point. When Word came on the scene with its 'Templates' and 'Wizards' every two bit hack figured they could do flyers and signage. . . same thing applies to this. . . now we have the power to do BAD design all over the place! lol

"Try not, Do! or do not, there is no try."

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Not only are their more bad workmen nowadays, there are also loads of places to steal the tools from.

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There are a ton of really COOL LOOKING sites out there that use Flash. Notice I didn't just say "cool sites." In order for a site to be useful to me, it has to contain something useful to me, and I have to be able to find it and access it easily. Flash sites, while looking extremely cool, are generally void of both of those qualities. The Flash technology is used frivolously - many times to hide the fact that there's really nothing there to see at all.

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Except in rare cases, most sites should be built with function over fashion. Sadly, this isn't the norm. Especially, it seems, when it's a Flash-based site.

Flash is a great tool, but just like any other, can be overused.

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