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Apple is now the world's most valuable company

At market close today Apple has pulled ahead of Exxon Mobil and it is now the most valuable company in the world. Apple's market cap now stands at US$337.17 billion.

Congratulation to Apple for the well deserved success. Apple helps us designers be more productive and enjoy our work every day. Now, go and buy an iPad or something!

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I dream about cars made by Apple.

yes I'm brazilian xD

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I remember when we were dreaming about Apple making a phone thinking it would be the coolest phone ever made. And when it happened it became true. I think if Apple would ever make a car it would be the best car we've seen too. At least to our eyes. :)

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Now, that's worth a repost. :)

Terrell Thornhill

e-zign Design Group

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I'm happy for them, it actually means something to the world I think when a tech company bypasses Exxon. We're finally moving from something non-renewable to something innovative and productive.

I still don't feel that Apple as a company is 100% responsible however. Releasing products in generations frequently leaves questions to me and others I know. They released the iPad 1 without a camera, and subsequently iPad 2 soon after with. This theory can be applied to the iTouch or iPhone, but doesn't it make you wonder why they didn't put a camera on the first? They surely thought of it, especially after this was released when they were upgrading their handhelds with cameras. It looks like a money grab, and that's unethical given how Apps are developed through their store. People only usually develop for the current and previous device, people lower aren't included typically with the popular/ useful applications. This leaves a lot of their market either feeling poor about their current product, having to upgrade or having to deal with not being able to and coping with a new "lack of additional features". Same could be said for hardware efficiency or other items. I know businesses are supposed to make money, and if they didn't achievements like this would be hard to come by- but this to me doesn't sound entirely moral if this is the business strategy up on their wall rather than a very common, happy mistake.

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I think it's not Apple's but the consumers responsibility to shop smart. If you feel that iPad 1 was not worth buying just yet, you can wait for the iPad 2. It's your moral choice to make if you want to care about the environment or your financials.

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I'm curious what are the steps they are going to make for the future, as big steps like this tend to make you take a wrong turn.

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Congrats to Apple - nobody deserves it more imho. And if you're an investor - the only mistake I've ever made with my money is not buying enough Apple stock. Highly recommended (although please don't call me if the company suddenly implodes).

PS: We really need to get Young ZM away from the PC propagandists. :)

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You don't feel I'm capable of creating my own theories? Does it not seem odd to you that they release multiple models within a 12 month period with minor tweaks? It's good business sense because it rakes in more money, sure. I just don't feel it's responsible to their consumers. They know exactly how the market performs with their devices, accessories and apps. It'd be like if all web developers only developed for the newest web browsers and those with both vision and hearing. It wouldn't be a responsible thing to do for those who largely can't/ won't upgrade just on the basis that it's the new thing with a few features.

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Well first off, that's certainly not "your" theory since I hear it from the PC folks all the time. And it's a flawed theory too. Forget computers for a moment - look at televisions. If I buy a TV today, it's going to be cheaper AND it's going to have more features than the one I could have bought 9 months ago... true or false? Of course it's true. It's the nature of the electronics business - EVERY company works that way... Dell, HP, Samsung... EVERYBODY. So to pretend like Apple is involved in some wild conspiracy to empty your wallet is silly. Take Ivan's advice - if you think a better version will come out in 6 months - wait 6 months. It's that simple.

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I really don't understand why you're bringing these other things up. I never debated other companies being unethical. Is there something wrong for me wanting Apple to improve further? They have the opportunity to release products at the prices intended earlier and truly engage their entire market through a longer stage for software development in the handheld/ tablet area. Why wouldn't they want to? I can go on all day about any company being immoral but that's not what the articles about.

EDIT: Just to add to my point, I'm strictly referring to the App store and handheld/ tablet accessories such as cases. The App store is strictly Apple-product only. This does not refer to TV's or computers, or hell- even iMac's (as usually you have enough sysreq's to deal with any games purchased).

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Nothing wrong with asking them to be better.

In practice are you asking them to skip a version or two so we can save some money? That makes sense for me, because I always do that anyway. I still have a 3G iPhone and an iPad 1. I do have the latest MBP, but when the new one comes out I won't be buying it. I will wait at least another year or more.

I don't see why can't you do the same regardless of what Apple does. Do you feel bad if you can't always have the latest model or what? I can understand that, but you can overcome this feeling consciously if you know it's the right thing to do.

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No but walking into an Apple store or any retailer trying to find accessories for an outdated Apple product is next to impossible, same with their App store. A lot of their developers make for the previous two devices that have been released. This effectively shuts me and others out of this end of their market. I'm not suggesting they not put out new models. I'm merely suggesting that when they do, make them worth upgrading to rather than adding a camera, or a bit more hardware specs that could of been added to a previous model. The path they're currently on has put out 4 generations of iTouches, I believe 2-3 generations of iPhones and 2 iPad's in a 4 year period. If they put thought into the models they were releasing, less models would be put out giving software developers and consumers time to use the products released.

I like to use web design as an example to this because of how users seem to upgrade their browsers and the timeline at which coding has the potential to move, especially with mobile browsing these days. If you have a rapidly improving code, constantly upgrading with your market falling behind every time a new version is released, eventually the amount of users you're developing for will just be for your friends who've built their own browsers to use. Web design is all about optimization for its general user base while still doing its best to be innovative. Apple uses the App store as a selling feature, rightly so. It's great, has a lot of innovative software on it and is worth keeping, just make sure that the service you're offering is still available to your users 2 years down the road.

I love my iTouch for example, but I don't think its right for me to now HAVE to upgrade to enjoy all the features it initially came with. I don't feel this is an irrational need from a consumer when the product in question is only 2 years old. It's very rare tech moves at this speed.

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Oh, you better get used to this. This is only going to get worse in the future. We are walking the path to singularity.

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Young ZM - take a step back and look at what you are proposing. Your problem basically breaks down to YOU - young ZM - not being happy with Apple's product schedule. They're in the business to make money and stay ahead of the competition. Just as Adobe is cranking out software upgrades every 18 months whether we need them or not (I say not) - so too does Apple have to continually move forward. It's not about servicing old machines for ANY company out there - it's about selling new stuff. This is the process - Apple is no different.

BTW, you can usually find any old Apple product or part with a little searching on the internet. That's never been a problem for me.

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Yes I'm unhappy with the product schedule, I thought this was clear. I'm not the only one and I'm not going to reiterate why. Once again you bring up a product that really doesn't belong in this topic but hey, let's visit that briefly: they update way too much as well. Their versions are far too expensive and frequent which helps drive temporary piracy until people can afford their products. The store should allow a personal bundling process tailored for general consumers rather than just professionals. "Photoshopping" something is a general verb these days, if more people could afford to buy it, they would. If they updated less and had more significant changes (like any business... for your future issues being raised) products would be more worth while to buy, even if someone only had the previous program/ product. This may not make them more money, depending on the product so no- it's not perfect business sense, but that's not at all how the world will evolve into something better.

Just to clarify, I know perfectly well that my argument goes against good business sense of making money. Responsibility and good business seldom go hand in hand when talking about money and I recognize this as well- it's nice to dream, is it not? That's what I believe we're himming/hawing over right now is my aspirations for business. I however, especially with Adobe no less, have wondered if they adopted a new business model whether or not they'd benefit them more in the long run while helping their customers.

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I'm just making comparisons by bringing up the other companies. My point is Apple is not doing anything different than anyone else. You said it yourself - you're talking about your aspirations for business (in general - as opposed to specifically Apple). Maybe your way of doing things WOULD be better, but then again - this thread started with the news Apple is now the #1 company in the world, so it's pretty hard to top that - no?

But while we're on the subject of obsolescence, I have to point out that one way people screw themselves in that regard is by being cheapskates on the front end. Rather than saving a couple hundred dollars buying a lower end model - I've found you'll get longer use out of the top end model with all the newer features. But that's jmho.

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They fell back down to #2 quite some time ago. Exxon Mobil is obviously the superior company that makes better products and cares about its customers. I have 25 years of gasoline experience and I only use Exxon fuel. All you noobs can stick with Citgo.

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Well done, Apple. I'm really happy to hear that. It's amazing how far they've come. I remember when they were really struggling back in the 90's to keep afloat by just competing with the PC market.

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I'm pretty happy for Apple, I remember when the company was worth 45 bucks a share and I thought they could only go up. It's pretty amazing to look back and see how right I was. I never could have imagined the iPhone, or the success the iPhone would have. At the time I just thought OS-X and their idea of controlling all parts of the products was so much better than the build once and shove into everything strategy of the PC industry.

I think these coming years are going to be especially interesting. There is no doubting that Apple right now is at the very top of their game. How long they can maintain this form and how the industry is transformed in the process is going to be especially interesting. I would love for them to be seen has having won over Microsoft. Although at the same time I've never seen Apple as really being in competition with Microsoft and in the end it's looking like it will be the evil Google that wins over Microsoft.

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I am happy for Apple. The innovative companies should be more valued than other companies.

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Congratulations to Apple and its previous CEO Steve Jobs. He made the company what is today.

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