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Introducing Apple iHole, Google Plug

A few weeks ago I posted about an idea on my Facebook page about a new Google device idea:

After the hugely positive reception of Google's new wearable device Google Glass rumor says Google is already working on a new revolutionary device called Google Plug.

The device will be LTE enabled and have several gadgets inside that can tell a lot about your health. By squeezing it you can switch the Google Plug on or off but communication with the device doesn't stop there. More experienced users can give complex commands to the device by contracting it rhythmically. The device will understand morse code and other 2 bit languages. The device can answer with vibration in morse code as well creating a truly personal and instantaneous computing experience.

The information generated by GP will be completely private, but if the user allows the device can automatically post updates about your bowel movements and other important bodily functions on your Google+ page generating vibrant conversations with your friends and co-workers.

Google CEO Larry Page in a private conversation revealed his belief that people do not want to fiddle around annoying devices with keyboards that would distract their normal activities in life, therefore in the near future more and more people will want to wear intelligent gadgets on and inside their bodies.

And now The Kloons created a similar Apple device concept.

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I bet they are actually working on this!
I am not Steve Ballmer pretending not to be me!

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Microsoft version will be bigger and have a painfull instalation.

yes I'm brazilian xD

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