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Steve Jobs presents the new Apple Headquarters Design

Apple Inc. CEO Steve Jobs presents his proposal for a new Apple Campus to the Cupertino City Council. This presentation was recorded Tuesday, June 7, 2011 at the Cupertino Community Hall.

The plans show a spectacular circular building with large glass panels. It will be the work place for more than 10,000 Apple employees. The campus will be 80% park with underground parking and on-site power generation. It is planned to be opened in 2015.

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I love how they made those photos look like it's some heavenly place ;p you know the scenes from Gladiator where he dreams ;p it reminds me of that hehe.

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Wow it's the Pentagon, cough cough, I mean Apple Circle... and yes +1 to Jack Mancer - it is overly heavenly...

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It should be Apple shaped and be seen from space. Funny how when he presents he keeps stopping as if people are going to whoop and clap like his Keynotes!

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We're looking at the future people. Eventually they're going to figure out a way to make that thing fly. Sure. One day, when the Big One hits and the floods threaten all civilization - Apple employees will report to Cupertino, put on their space suits and launch into outer space where they will save humanity by moving it to another planet.

But I really think it's time to change the city name to Appletino.

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A little sad seeing them grovel at Steve Jobs' feet and begging for free stuff like WiFi and iPads. Steve was quick to shoot them down too.

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Olympus never looked so good.

Craig Michael Patrick

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But it's round!
I am not Steve Ballmer pretending not to be me!

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That's some UFO design lolz.

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it will cost a mother lode of money it seem's like somthing out of a syifi movie that will take off any munit

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